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#213 : Les deux anges

Un petit garçon atteint d'une leucémie veut attaquer Dieu en justice sous les conseils de Ling. Lorsqu'il rencontre Ally, il croit que celle-ci est un ange. Richard et John défendent un homme accusé de tentative de meurtre, Renée est dans la partie adverse.



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Titre VO
Angels and blimps

Titre VF
Les deux anges

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Réalisation : Mel Damski | Ecriture : David E. Kelley

Guest starsJesse L. Martin (Greg Butters), Mary Mara (Julie Stall), Randy Oglesby (Harvey Kent), Talia Balsam (Shelia Kent), Gary Graham (Rodney Wilcox), H. Richard Greene (Dr. Burns), Keith Mackechnie (Arthur Gale), Haley Joel Osment (Eric Stall).


Scenes from previous episodes.

In the hospital.

AMB and GB walking. AMB is 1 foot high in the air (her feet are about GB's knees). GB looks at her like she's on the floor like him. AMB is smiling like she's in heaven...
AMB: I thought once of becoming a doctor.
GB: But ?
AMB: Oh, I don't like blood, I got a thing about that, but mostly... the outfits. I look terrible in hospital green, but if I knew there'd be blue... (GB laughs)
LW (coming towards them): Ally !
AMB (falling down back to Earth): Ling ! What are you doing here ?
LW: Oh, a friend of mine, I sent her flowers, but she died, so I came to take them back.
AMB: I see... Umm, Greg, this is... (imagines LW morphing into an alien growling - back to reality) my very good friend Ling. Greg Butters.
GB: Hello.
LW: Yes. Well I should get these in fresher water. Hospital chlorine is poison.(she starts to leave and runs into a guy in a wheelchair) Ow ! Watch where you're going, it's bad enough you people get all the parking spots !
AMB (to GB): Her first impressions aren't good but they're usually lasting.
GB: I'll be back in a second, wait here ?
AMB: Sure.
GB (entering a hospital room where a little bald boy is on the bed, Eric Stall): Eric ! My man !
ES: Doc, what's up ?
GB: Just checking in, you're treating the nurses OK ?
ES: Yeah.
GB: I heard you had a not so good night.
ES: I was puking. I feel a lot better today than... (he stops, looking at something by the door - it is AMB surrounded by light)
GB: What's the matter ?
ES: When it's time to go, do you see an angel ?
GB: Excuse me ?
ES: I see an angel.
GB (turning around and seeing AMB): Oh, Ally, come here. This is a friend of mine, Ally McBeal, this is Eric Stall.
AMB: Hey Eric, how are you ?
ES: Don't you know ?
AMB: Sorry ?
ES: So you're not an angel, are you ?
AMB: Well... sometimes I'm sweet.
ES (taking AMB's hand): Is it time to go ? (AMB looks crushed)

Opening credits.

Cage & Fish conference room.

RF comes in.
RF: OK, all set, where's Ally, where's Nelle ?
EV: Ally is in love. She was meeting Greg at the hospital, probably to get a hickey suction under sterile conditions.
NP (comes in with glasses painted over her eyes - like the Louis Vuitton ad): Sorry I'm late.
RF: What's with the Rocky Raton look ?
NP: Oh, no meetings today, I just felt like it. What'd you think ? (everybody's speechless) All agreed ! Good. Move on.
RF: As you know, the Biscuit and I start trial today, we'll be out of the office most of the week.
BT: Richard, the charge is "Attempted murder".
RF: What's the point ?
BT: Well, you have almost zero criminal trial experience.
RF: What's the point ?
BT: You consider what happens if you lose ?
RF: Billy, if we lose, the client goes to prison, we've lost his business anyway. Look, I hear what you're saying, and truth be told, I am a little nervous, I packed an extra pair of jockeys in my trial bag, this doesn't have to leave this room, but John and I, we're ready. We're a team ! Do we look like a team or not ? (concert of good and bad bells together).

Hospital. ES's room.

GB is checking ES, AMB is sitting on the bed. ES is playing with a base ball.
ES: First Matt Clements go, then Mo Vaughn. I've given up on them winning the Series in my lifetime, but now... Even forever looks bad !
AMB: Here's a secret Eric. We don't want the Red Sox to win the World Series.
ES: We don't ?
AMB: No, cause if they did, they wouldn't be the Red Sox, would they ? And worse, the curse of the Bambino would be over, and we wouldn't get to keep reminding everybody every year that Babe Ruth was really ours !
ES (spotting somebody at the door): Hey Mum !
JS: Hi sweetheart.
ES: This lady here knows the Red Sox better than me.
JS: Oh, come on....
AMB: Hi, I'm Ally McBeal.
JS: Julie Stall, hi.
ES: She's a lawyer. Hey, do you know O.J. ?
AMB: No, I haven't had that pleasure yet.
GB (making ES raise in his bed): Couple of deep breaths, buddy.
ES (to AMB): If I wanted to sue somebody, could you help me ?
AMB: Well, who'd you have in mind ?
ES: God. I wanna sue God.

Court building.

RF, JC and Harvey Kent outside the court room.
HK: Maybe we should plea... Would she take manslaughter ?
JC: In order to get manslaughter you must first kill somebody.
HK: I tried...
JC: Understood, but he survived. While heat of passion can mitigate murder, there's no such lesser charge for attempted murder.
RF: Moral of the story, next time finish him off, you'll do less time. Bygones. D.A. !
RR (arriving): Where's Billy ?
RF: Billy ? Why do you need him ?
RR: You guys are doing this just yourselves ?
JC: Questions smack commentary Renee.
RR (taking JC on the side): This case isn't fun and games !
JC: I always beat you, I will do so here.
RR: If you think by letting him first chair you're setting up for inadequate counsel defense, you can forget it ! (she leaves)
HK (after seeing a woman enter the court room): She's going to be in there ?
RF: Well, as a witness, Harvey, some of the bullets went... by her hand.
HK: So, she's... testifying for the prosecution ?
RF and JC nod.

Hospital room.

JS and AMB talk away from ES.
JS: First his father died, then he had leukemia, then our insurance says they won't cover experimental treatment... We asked our church to help out, and they say they can't. And... he's angry.
AMB: At God ?
JS: Yeah.
AMB: Well, I don't think he can sue... Him.
LW: Yes he can.
AMB: Ling !
LW: That was a hard L, I heard it !
AMB: Julie, this is Ling Woo, client of my firm. Ling, this is Julie Stall.
JS: Hello.
LW: Hello. He's bald, does he have cancer ?
JS: He has leukemia.
LW (going into the room and sitting on ES' bed): What's your name little boy ?
ES: Eric. What's yours ?
LW: Weren't you listening ? She called me Ling, that would be my name, only with a soft L. (AMB rolls her eyes) You wanna sue God ?
ES: Can I ?
AMB: No ! (at the same time)
LW: Yes !
AMB and GB together: Ling ! Ma'am !
GB: I'd like you to leave.
LW: I'm talking to the little boy, if you don't mind. Of course you can sue Him.
ES: If He exists. Do you think there really is a God ?
LW: Of course there is. Who do you think these doctors walk around pretending to be, Moses ?
GB: Excuse me...
LW: If you're gonna sue somebody, little boy, you can't lie around in bed all day. Can you be strong ?
ES: Yes.
LW: Good, cause I have this great law firm I use, and... Ow ! (AMB is grabbing her by the arm out of the room)
ES: I wanna do it Mum. Let's sue.

Cage & Fish.

AMB and LW getting out of the elevator.
AMB: If you think I'm gonna be the lawyer...
LW: I don't want you as the lawyer. You bug me.
AMB: OF all the insensitive, careless, tasteless... (GT and NP arrive)
NP: What's the matter ?
AMB: I tell you the matter, she just convinced a dying boy with cancer that he could sue God.
BT (arriving): Sue God ?
LW: I never said he'd win. Look, fighting beats being pitied, plus Eric needs money for his experimental treatment. Do you know how his father died ?
AMB: No. Do you ?
LW: Yes, I heard the nurses talking. He got hit by a falling branch after a tree was struck by lightning, that's an act of God. So we go after the Church, House of God. I need to pee. (she leaves)
GT: Where does she come up with these ridiculous theories ?
NP: Well, she didn't make editor of the Law Review for nothing, Georgia, she's almost always right.
BT (getting closer, as AMB): What do you mean, editor of the Law Review ?
NP: Just that, she was editor of the Law Review at Cornell.
AMB: Ling went to law school ?
NP: That's where I met her.
GT: Ling is a lawyer ?
NP: You didn't know this ?

Court room. Case of the attempted murder.

Rodney Wilcox, the lover, is testifying. Renee is examining.
RW: We were in bed, we heard a noise, suddenly he comes crashing through.
RR: The defendant ?
RW: Yes. And he starts screaming at us, I try to reason with him, but he was out of control... Then I saw it.
RR: Saw what ?
RW: He had a pistol. He raised it, next thing he was shooting at me.
RR: Were you wounded ?
RW: Twice. Once in the shoulder and once in the chest. I thought I was dead for sure.
RF is now cross-examining.
RF: By the time my client entered the premises... By the way these were his premises, were they not ?
RW: Yes.
RF: You were in his house ?
RW: Yes.
RF: In his bed ?
RW: Yes.
RF: In his wife ?
RW: Well...
RF: You were making love to his wife ?
RW: Yes.
RF: Intercourse, sex, missionary ?
Judge: All right, counsel !
RF: How long had this illicit adulterous affair between you and my client's wife been going on ?
RW: About six months.
RF: All the while having adulterous sex ?
RW: All right !
RF: Was it good sex ?
RR: Objection !
RF: Your Honor, he testified he heard screaming, maybe it was her ?
RR: Objection !
RF: Withdrawn, probably what you said when you saw that pistol, umm ?
RR: Objection !
Judge: Mister Fish !
RF: Sorry, you know my client very well, don't you Steve, may I call you Steve ?
RW: My name is Rodney.
RF: Yes or no will do, do you know him well ?
RW: I do.
RF: Business associates for 11 years.
RW: That's right.
RF: Friends even, so he thought, turns out you're no friends of his !
RR: Objection !
RF: Mister Wilcox, isn't it true, when you saw this man come into the room while you were engaging in an adulterous act with his wife, you knew he was gonna shoot you, isn't that right ?
RW: Of course it's not right !
RF: You know him to be a volatile man, why would he...
RW: I absolutely do not, he's a gentle man ! The Harvey Kent I know would never pull out a gun and just open fire !
RF: So he must have been outside himself in this moment, maybe temporarily insane ?
RR: Objection, that's a legal term !
RF: I'm a lawyer ! Move for cause, Judge !
Judge: I believe her point is the witness has no foundation to render a legal opinion.
RF: Oh, I see, that's right, he's a lay-person... You're a lay-person, right Rod ?
RR: Objection !
RF: Withdrawn, nothing further. (RF goes back to his seat and whispers to JC) I felt in the zone. Was I ?
JC: Indeed !

Cage & Fish lobby.

Elevator opens, to let out ES and JS. AMB is in the lobby.
ES: Ally ! Hi !
AMB: Eric !
ES: I'm here about my case !
AMB: Oh !
ES: Are you gonna be my lawyer ?
AMB: Well, umm, sure !
JS: I'm sorry, he really wanted to come down and...
ES (spotting guys playing basket ball in the office and running to them): Basket Ball ! Can I play ?
Guys: Sure !
JS: I think this lawsuit, it's given him some bounce.
AMB: That's great.
JS: I know this will sound like an enormous request, but given how little time he has, and how this project seems to make him feel, if there's any way...
AMB: Oh... (spotting LW) Ling ! Hi ! You remember Julie ?
LW: No.
AMB: She's Eric's mother.
LW: Who's Eric ?
AMB: The boy who has a case against God.
LW: Oh ! Yes, hi.
AMB: She was just asking if there was anything we could do.
LW: My first thought would be to bring that case before that naked big hair blond thing, who believes in unicorns ? She'll buy anything, I think she's senile.
ES: Hi Ling !
LW: Eric, hello ! Soft L, next time, OK ?
ES: You'll be on the team, right ?
LW: Oh, I'd really love to, honey, but I have better things to do.
AMB: Ling !
LW: The thing about lawsuits, Eric, you can't be a little weakling. You have to be a fighter. Are you ready to fight ?
ES: Yes !
LW: If you have any strength, stomp you foot hard, right in her foot, see if she can feel it. (he does, AMB screams) Very good ! I need to shop, I'll check back later. I bet he was cute with hair ! (she leaves)
ES (to AMB): She is so cool !

Court room. Attempted murder case.

Sheila Kent is testifying.
SK: It's basically how Rodney described it, Harvey came into the house, he pulled out his gun and... then he started shooting.
RR: Mister Wilcox testified he heard your husband scream. Did you hear him say anything ?
SK: Yes.
RR: What did you hear your husband say, Mrs. Kent ?
SK: While putting out his gun, he said, "I'll kill you both".
RR sits back. JC gets up to cross-examine. He cant' get past RF, has to leap over him, very funny !
JC: When you took your wedding vows with your husband, when you answered the affirmative to honoring him, loving him faithfully, were you being truthful ?
SK: Yes, I was.
JC: Not to probe your definition of sex or fidelity for the purpose of this proceeding, but when you were having your affair with Rodney Wilcox...
SK: It's not something that I planned, it just happened.
JC: But does that make it right ?
SK: No.
JC: You deceived your husband for six months, and you lied to him ?
SK: Yes.
JC: Did you ever make up any stories about where you were going, who you were headed to see, why you had to be away on a certain week-end...Did you ever do those things ?
SK: Yes mister Cage, I did all the deceptive things that cheating spouses do when they don't wanna get caught.
JC: Yeah... I sense some remorse. How do you think this affair ever happened ?
SK: It's just... I fell in love.
JC: You fell in love ?

Cage & Fish. AMB's office.

AMB at her desk, ES and JS.
AMB: I'm still trying to work out how we can sue God in the name of the Church, or vice-versa... I'm gonna consult with...
ES: Cool Ling ?
AMB: Yes, cool... Ling. But for now, even though I understand why you might be angry at (points to the ceiling)... the defendant, what do you hope to gain by suing Him ?
ES: Well... I just want to tell Him some stuff face-to-face. And I thought that maybe if I sue Him, after I get to Heaven maybe he'll come up to me and say "Hey, what's up with that ?". And then I can ask him some questions.
AMB: What kind of questions ?
ES: That's between Him and me.
AMB: OK. (pause)
ES: There is no God, is there ?
JS: Of course there is, sweetheart.
ES: Right, like Santa Claus !
AMB (getting up and sitting on the sofa with ES): You know what, Eric ? When I was 2, all I did was ask my mother for a baby sister. And you know what ? When I was 3, I got one. (we can see LW standing by the door, listening)
ES: Just like you wanted ?
AMB: Not at first, when she was born all she did was cry and sleep and I couldn't play with her, or do anything. But when she was 2, oh, she became so much fun. And when she was 4, she could do almost everything I could do. And we became best friends. We'd had sleepovers together, and at the movies, we'd hold each other's hands cause we thought fear came in through your fingers.
ES: It's pretty dumb.
AMB: I know. And when she was 5, she got sick, and she died.
ES: What of ?
AMB: Doesn't really matter, but when it happened, I stopped believing in God that day. And my parents would tell me, Oh, no, He's real, but I wouldn't believe them. And then one day, it was in the fall, I looked up in the sky, and I saw something I'd never seen before.
ES: What ?
AMB: A blimp. It was in town for a football game, but I didn't know what it was, and my mother told me... that it was God.
ES: A blimp ?
AMB: Well, she wanted me to believe, and she thought, I don't know, if I saw Him...
ES: You thought a blimp was God ? Were you a really stupid kid ?
AMB: Maybe... Anyway, my mother knew that I'd figure out that He wasn't a blimp. So she changed the story a little and she told me that God had men make the blimp to remind people that He was out there watching. Cause that's all blimps do, they just look down. And still, to this day, I wonder a little. Maybe God had men make blimps, to remind people that he was up there.
ES: I've never seen a blimp. Except on TV.
AMB: Well, God probably communicates with different people in different ways, and maybe he sent a blimp to me, but for you... Well, maybe the Red Sox will win the World Series this year, just to remind you that he's up there, looking...
ES: Or maybe he sent you.
LW is leaving almost smiling.


LW is brushing her hair. AMB is talking to her.
LW: Me ?
AMB: Well, you are a lawyer.
LW: But I don't practice. Practice causes wrinkles, look at you.
AMB: Ling, you came up with the brilliant idea, you caught the boy sewed up on the brilliant idea, and for whatever reason, he lights up around you, I mean can't you take just half a day on your busy schedule, I'm sure you could catch up by catalog... (LW growls) Now I've got the lawyer from the church coming in for a meeting, but I... I don't think that I can sell this... this lawsuit like you can. Please ?
LW: OK, I'll come out of retirement for one case. (she looks at herself in the mirror) Members of the Jury ! (she notices AMB looking at her, she stares at her with the icy-look. AMB makes a little noise of fear (like dogs)


Court room.

RR is examining Dr. Burns.
DB: I examined him for almost three hours.
RR: And your findings ?
DB: Well, he was in a state of severe agitation. It did not rise to the level of any insanity.
RR: Are you sure ?
DB: This man knew both the nature and the quality of his act when he pulled that trigger.
RR: Thank you, Doctor Burns.
RF (rising): So you admit there was quality to my client's act?
DB: Excuse me ?
RF: You said he knew the quality of his act, this was a quality act, in your opinion ?
DB: By quality...
RF: Skip it. You also said nature. Nature played a part here too, didn't it ? A man finds his wife in bed with another man, nature says take action. Human nature, right ? It was natural what my client did, even if he was completely insane when he did it, insane, but natural. Isn't that the crux of what we're talking about here ?
RR: Objection !
Judge: Mister Fish ! The way this goes, you ask questions, and you should appear to be drug-free while doing so.
RF: Drug free ? I like a judge with wit. I got a brother who lives by his wits, half a living's better than none. Adrenaline can be like a drug, can't it, Doctor Burns, ever known adrenaline to work on the brain like a drug ?
DB: Certainly, but...
RF: Thank you. And in your career as a doctor, have you ever been, umm... how do I say this... wrong ?
DB: Wrong ?
RF: Yes, in all your years and many diagnoses, have you ever been wrong ?
DB: Of course, but I'm not wrong here.
RF: You're a doctor who's been wrong, right ?
DB: I am not wrong here !
RF: But you've been wrong, yes or no ?
DB: I've already said, yes, I have been wrong on some occasions.
RF: And on those occasions when you've been wrong, did you know it at the time ?
DB (after a pause): No.

Cage & Fish conference room.

Attorney for the church (Arthur Gale, AG), AMB, Es and JS.
AG: You certainly don't expect me to take this seriously ?
AMB: Well, lawsuits are serious, Mister Gale. (To EV bringing nuts ?) Where is Ling ?
AG: You are about to file suit against God, and St. Christopher's as God's agent.
AMB: Yes, that's what we're about to do.
LW (entering): Hello !
AMB: Ling ! This is Arthur Gale, counsel for St. Christopher's, and he's a little appalled at our lawsuit, and he wants to know... umm...
AG (to LW): How do you expect anyone to take it seriously ? (EV is still in the room, preparing coffee)
LW: Oh, that. Would you like to know how I'll keep it from getting tossed or why you'll settle ?
AG: Let's start with the first one.
LW: Eric's parents contributed pretty generously to the church, there's no contractual quid prop quo, but I can make an implied covenant of good faith, under which we can make an implied duty for the church to give back in Eric's need. He has cancer and his father's dead.
AG: So you expect...
LW: I expect it will survive a 12B6. As for why you'll settle, you already know why. By naming God as a defendant, there isn't a newspaper in the country who won't glom onto it as one of those insipid human interest stories. And with the text under the headlines detailing how the boy's church won't help and pay for the experimental drugs that could save his life, it makes my veins crimp. Come on, Mister Gale. You'll pay up because the amount will mount out to less than the salaries of a full time publicist and press secretary, which you'll need just to fend off all the negative publicity. Somebody here ate onions, I'm allergic. (to ES) Was it you ? (EV checks her breath)
AG: You expect us to just roll over because you name God as a defendant ?
LW: That, and my client has a bald head and a big smile. Add to that, this family gave to your church. The moral thing here would be to give back. We're not talking that much money. And we all know how your church can stash it. (to ES) Smile ! (his smiles doesn't show teeth) OK, it's just a medium smile, but the head is bald.

Court room.

HK is testifying - RF is examining.
HK: When I saw them, it was like my whole life flashed in front of me. My wife... and one of my best friends.
RF: Can you tell us Harvey, what went through your head, besides, you know, shoot 'em ?
HK: My head just felt hot. I went into this rage, I guess, I grabbed my gun out of a drawer... I don't remember much else.
RF: Harvey, truthfully, do you wish you killed them ?
HK: Of course not... I thank the Lord I didn't.
RF: But Harvey, this jury, here, certainly you can understand how they might want Rodney and Sheila dead ?
RR: Objection !
Judge: Sustained ! Mister Fish ?
RF: My point is, everyone knows, when you fired that gun, you were temporarily insane, weren't you ?
RR: Objection !
Judge: Mister Fish !
JC (getting up): Your Honor, could I take over for co-counsel, I feel he's being driven way rude.
Judge: Go right ahead.
JC: Mister Kent, do you still love your wife ?
HK: Very much.
JC: In your adult life, have you ever loved anybody else ?
HK: No.
JC: Think you ever will ?
HK (sadly): No.

Cage & Fish lobby.

ES talking to NP (still having her make-up on).
ES: It looks a little goofy.
NP: Really ? Older guys kind of go for it. See that guy over there, who looks like a Ken doll (points to BT) ?
ES: Yeah.
NP: He likes it. But it bugs Barbie... (GT does not look like she can hear, but she understands NP is not saying something very nice)
AMB comes towards GT in the lobby.
GT: What is the matter ?
AMB: The church is willing to settle our suit against God !
GT: What ?!?
AMB: Yeah ! Eric, Julie, come on in !
ES: Is Ling still in there ?
AMB: Yeah, yeah, yeah. (ES runs into the conference room - AMB talks to JS) We're gonna call Greg, he's gonna call the oncologist, and we're gonna get moving !
JS: I can't believe it !
AMB: I can't either ! (they go into the conference room).

Conference room.

Are there: JS, ES, LW, AMB.
ES: I'm still not sure I believe in God. But I do believe in angels.
AMB: Well, that's a start.
ES: When I first looked at you, Ally, I knew that you were my angel.
AMB: You did ?
ES: Yeah, but now I know it's Ling.
AMB: Well, umm..., between the two of us, you're... covered.
AMB is a bit jealous of LW.

The bar.

GB and AMB at a table.
GB: It's incredible.
AMB: How soon can you get this drug ?
GB: I called his oncologist, he thinks I can get it in a day or two. Thank you Ally.
AMB: No, thank Ling, she's an angel... So you think this drug can save his life ?
GB: I don't know. It works like a smart bomb. Target the leukemia cells. It could work.
AMB: Fingers crossed (she does it)...
GB: You know what I'm thinking at this very second ?
AMB (coyly): Maybe what I've been thinking... You know, one of my New Year's resolutions ? Less fantasy, more reality... (she stands up an goes to him. she kisses him and he kisses back...)

Court room.

Attempted murder case. Closing arguments.
JC: When I was seventeen years old, I was leaving school, and I saw Sharon Johnson standing over by the bike rack. And she was the most beautiful girl in my class. I'd had a crush on her since 7th grade and the only thing I'd said to her in five years was "Oops" when I once dropped a snow cone on her foot. But as I saw her, just standing there, something almost insane came over me and I thought to myself "Go ask her to the prom". Of course I knew she must already have a date, but just the... the high of asking her, the idea of saying anything to her, besides Oops... I did ask her, and then she said, "Yes, I'd love to". And right then, on that day, April 4th 1977, I knew that love could produce mind-altering chemicals. Now part of me thought like I... I was floating, and for three weeks, as I walked around as Sharon Johnson's prom date, I did float. Humorous things seem funnier, joyous things seem more joyful, sad things... were more sad. My life was changed. I literally felt different, so powerful the drug of love can be. And from everything I read... that was just puppy love ! Imagining committing your life to somebody ! Your heart ! And then walking into that room, to see... (he looks over to SK and RW in the audience) Well we can't really imagine it, can't we ? Unless you've been through it, and if you have been through it, imagine not experiencing a little insanity... Now of course it was wrong for Mister Kent to have picked up that gun, but inside that moment, when he walked into that room, as Mister Wilcox himself testified, Harvey Kent went outside of himself. Sheila Kent knows it, as I suspect do you all. A gentle, law-abiding, peaceful man, committed an insane act... No what other explanation can there be ? That he himself was insane. Now love can cause you to do destructive things, sometimes, believe me, or... believe Sheila. (he goes to sit down)
RF (getting up): If I might add... (JC pulls him back into his chair)
RR (getting up to do her closing): You gotta be kidding ? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but touch my heart I'll shoot you ? Legal insanity isn't rage, it isn't anger, or shock, it is the inability to distinguish right from wrong ! When Harvey Kent picked up that pistol he knew what he was doing, and he knew he was wrong, just like he knows it now. Just like his Matt and Jack lawyers know it, and... just like you know it. He shot a gun. He attempted to kill a man. Their defense is achy breaky heart ? Please ! (she sits down


Cage & Fish. EV's desk.

The phone rings, she picks it up.
EV: Ally McBeal's office, Elaine Vassal's speaking. How may I improve upon your day ? (her face breaks down - GT comes close) What ? No she isn't, but I can page her... Yes, OK. (she hangs up and starts dialing)
GT: Is everything OK ?
EV: No.

Hospital corridor.

AMB is coming towards JS, outside ES' room. JS is crying.
AMB: Hey ! Julie ? What ?
JS: I tried to wake him, but I could barely get him to open his eyes ! At first I thought he was just tired, but... (GB and another doctor are coming towards them)
GB: It isn't good.
AMB: Oh, my God, no !
GB: His T-cell count just dropped off the chart.
DS: He's not in any real discomfort, other than fatigue.
JS: Are you telling me he's dying ?
DS: Yes.
AMB: But... but he... he's supposed to get the drugs, he's gonna get the new treatment...
GB: Ally...
AMB: What happened ?
GB: I don't know.
JS: Is he awake ?
DS: Yeah, you can go in, he's groggy, but...
JS: Does he know ?
DS: I believe he does.
JS goes into the room. LW arrives to the scene and looks at GB and AMB, not saying a word.

Court corridor.

RR, RF and JC are waiting for the verdict.

Hospital corridor.

AMB and LW are sitting in chairs, waiting. JS comes out of the room.
JS: He'd like to see you both. (they enter)
AMB (sitting on his bed): Hey ! Eric ! You're tired, umm ?
ES: Yeah. Scared... When it's time to go, you see your angel, that's what they say.
LW (sitting on his bed in front of AMB): Who's they ? My grand father was in the proverb business. It's all about selling rack cheap cookies.
ES (to LW): When you talk to me, I never feel like I have cancer. (LW smiles a bit) But I do. Where did Ally go ?
AMB (LW gets up): Oh, I'm right here.
ES: I had a dream, that I was your angel.
AMB: Oh... Well, I think you are Eric. I'm sure you are.
ES: But you're maybe gonna need to get another.
AMB: Oh no thank you, I am sticking with the angel I have.
ES: Mummy ?
JS: I'm here, baby, I'm right here.
ES: Where am I ?
JS: You're in the hospital, with me, and your friends.
ES: Can you sing me my song ? It would help...
JS: Yes baby, close your eyes. (she sings) We're always chasing rainbows, watching clouds, drifting by... Our dreams ending in the sky... So we're always chasing rainbows, waiting to find a little blue bird in vain.
LW and AMB are looking at ES and her mother. AMB is crying.

Court room.

Jury comes back.
RF: They're looking over. Isn't it a good sign, when juries look over at you ?
JC: Not when they're staring.
Judge: Will the defendant please rise ? Mister Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict ?
Foreman: We have.
Judge: What say you ?
Foreman: In the matter of the Commonwealth vs. Harvey Kent, on the charge of attempted murder, we find the defendant, Harvey Kent... not guilty, by reason of temporary insanity. (RR throws her pen on the table in disbelief)
Judge: Thank you ! Court is dismissed.
HK (to JC and RF): Thank you so much ! (JC and RF bump heads as they reach for their briefcases - HK goes over to SK leaving the court room) You know, I'm... I'm sorry. I never shot at you.
SK: I know Harvey, and I'm sorry for what I did.
HK: You and... him, you're still together ?
SK: Yeah.
HK: Again, I'm sorry for... (he can't finish - SK goes back to RW and they leave the court room).

Hospital corridor.

LW is waiting standing, AMB is sitting. GB gets out of the room.
GB: He's gone.
JS (getting out of the room): I don't know what to... He lived, right up into the end, because of you... two. The last two days... I don't know how to express how grateful I am... (AMB takes her in her arms - she gets back into the room - GB and AMB go back to sitting in the chairs).
AMB: Well, he was right about one thing, there's no God !
GB: OK...
AMB: No, no, no, there couldn't be a God. God wouldn't let that... (she bursts into tears)
LW: We knew he was dying Ally. This isn't the world's biggest shock ! The boy had leukemia ! Get over it ! (she leaves, and we see her crying into the corridor, rushing outside, crying by an ambulance where nobody can see her anymore)

The bar.

JC, RF, HK at a table, staring sadly into space.

A corridor at the hospital.

ES walking with his hand in a hand whose body we can't see, surrounded by light, fading away into the light.

Cage & Fish. AMB's office.

BT going into AMB's office.
BT: Ally ? (he finds her by the books) Ally ?
AMB: Hi !
BT: I'm sorry.
AMB: Yeah... Just one of those days, I guess.
BT: Anything I can do ?
AMB: I wish there was.
BT: Why don't you come on down to the bar ?
AMB: I don't think the bar's gonna do it for me tonight. You know, personally, I should be feeling lucky right now. I mean he was dying, he was gonna die probably no matter... And by a stroke of good luck for me, I got to meet him first. Not everybody gets to go face-to-face with their angel, you know ?
BT: Yeah... Walk you home ?
AMB: No thanks, I'm... I'm gonna go solo.

BT: OK. (he leaves)

The bar.

"Starry, starry night" by VS. NP (without the make up) is coming over to the table where RF is sited.
NP: Hey, did you hear from Ling ?
RF: I called, she said she had to... do something.
NP: Is she OK ?
RF: I think... I don't know. I'll try her again (takes out his cell phone)

A street in Boston.

AMB is walking. She hears something and looks up, and there's a blimp coming over, and it says "Just looking". LW is near by and she checks that AMB has seen it. AMB just stays there, looking up.

Ending credits.

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