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#214 : Retour de flammes


Ally et Greg sortent à nouveau ensemble et Billy, jaloux accuse Ally d'être responsable de leur échec sur leur dernière affaire. Billy finit par avouer à Ally qu'il l'aime encore et il l'embrasse. Quant à Richard, il engage Ling comme nouvelle avocate du cabinet.



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Titre VO
Pyramids on the Nile

Titre VF
Retour de flammes

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Réalisation : Elodie Keene | Ecriture : David E. Kelley

Guest starsJesse L. Martin (Greg Butters), Albert Hall (Juge Seymore Walsh), Peter Birkenhead (Steve Cloves), Kenneth Kimmins (Mr. Forsley), Lauren Bowles (Callie Horne), J. Karen Thomas (Karen Martin-Gray), Paul Perri (Maître Jamison), Haley Joel Osment (Eric Stall).


Scenes from last episodes. Talk about sex with LW and RF, discovery about LW being a lawyer, talk between BT and AMB (BT missing things he could not see), lots of scenes with NP and JC.

Cage & Fish lobby.

A reporter is interviewing RF.
R#1: This firm is actually becoming known for its work in sexual harassment law, but are you prepared for the kind of attention that may come with this case ?
RF: First of all, it would be inappropriate for me to comment on this proceeding or any case currently pending, (to the cameraman) can you move a little tighter ?, (through the camera coming closer) but as for the laws on sexual harassment in general, stupid, they're dumb ! And if you happen to be a juror sitting on this case, here's your opportunity to say so, don't you give in to the stupidity, step in and rule for our client, send the message that these laws are going too far...
NP (grabbing him out of the camera frame): You can't have direct or indirect contact with the jury ! You forgot about that little rule ?
RF: As if I care !
NP: Richard !
RF: No, there's a lot of money at stake here, is there not ?
NP: Yes !
RF: Well here's a little something about me you need to know, if the stakes are high enough, I will always speak my conscience.
JC (coming towards them): We better get going, Nelle.
RF: John, are you ready ?
JC (hearing the good bells): I am.
R#1: Mister Cage, what will you be arguing ?
JC: We have no comment. Let's go.
R#2: Mister Cage, just give us a statement...
R#3: Do you have a comment, sir ?
JC and NP go to the elevator, it opens, and GB gets out, with balloons and flowers in his arms.

AMB and BT in AMB's office.

BT: Myra's meeting us down there, are you set ?
AMB: Set. We should win this. (she sees GB enter her office with the balloons and the flowers) Greg, what... what are you... ?
GB: I decided to stretch Valentine's into two days this year.
AMB: I... (she sees the dancing baby with arrows and a bow, shooting at her) Umm, oh, these are so beautiful, I... I... Oh, (to BT) two day Valentines...
BT: Yes, precious.
AMB (to BT who leaves): I'll be right with you.
GB: What's with the news crew ?
AMB: John and Nelle have a very big case, sexual harassment, firm niche. These are so gorgeous.
GB: Well so are you.
AMB: I could really get used to this.
GB: Why don't you then ? (they kiss, BT is standing by the door looking at them and looking at his watch).

Opening credits.

Cage & Fish. RF's office.

LW and RF walking through towards RF's office.
RF: It's not that you wouldn't be an asset.
LW: Then what is it ?
RF: Well, I'm just not really looking to take on another body right now, but if I were, it'd be yours, trust me. I'd welcome you with an outstretch of...
LW: Richard ? I really enjoyed being a lawyer last week again, and... the people here, I just get along with them so well... it seems organic.
RF: Organic ? You and the people here ? (pause) Yes, I see that.
LW: It would mean a lot of money for the firm. (coming closer to him) And it sure would be nice, not to have to invent reasons every day, just to come by and see you. It would be nice, if just on a whim, when I felt like sucking on your finger and you were just an office away... (she starts sucking his finger)
RF: Away, yeah...
LW: It sure would be great if during the day, instead of having to close my eyes to see you I could just keep 'em open...
RF (dumbstruck): Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma...

Court building. A conference room.

NP and JC enter first and then watch the 7 lawyers from the other side get in.
A#1: I don't think any of us imagined this much heat for what... well I'm sure we can all agree is a pretty ridiculous matter. (they all sit down)
NP: You say that with a twinkle. This isn't funny to our clients, they lost their jobs.
A#1: We're upping our offer to 125 a piece.
NP: Not enough.
A#1: Well the last time I checked, a lawyer had an absolute obligation to take an offer to a client before rejecting it.
NP: I know their wishes, but thank you, they'll be pleased to know you're looking out for them.
A#1: Miss Porter, how many attorneys do you see in this room ? There's a reason Cobb Company has hired an army. They're willing to spend whatever it takes to squash this.
NP: Fine ! Tell them to spend two million, and we settle.
A#2: Could I share a thought off the record ?
NP: Please.
A#2: Two young lawyers, reporters asking you questions, your profile's never been higher. Settle out, the lobster lives. Get embarrassed in course of a trial, your stock plunges.
JC: Mister Jamison, reciprocity would perhaps allow me to share a thought in that same spirit of giving ?
A#2: Certainly.
JC: If we lose, one could say, well, we were out-manned. Fortune 500 company, seven lawyers arguing the politically correct merits du jour, the odds are certainly in your favor. A loss will hardly be a blemish to me. But if you lose, well imagine... And here's an inside tip which I share with you only because I too care. You will lose. Miss Porter and I will beat you. And look at my face as I tell you this, because I promise, when the jury reads that verdict, I will be looking at all of yours. (pause)
A#1: Well I guess we have a fight.

Court room. AMB and BT's case.

A#3: The will is valid. It says what it says ! Life estate to Myra Jacobs so long as she doesn't remarry. She remarried !
AMB: And that restriction is against public policy !
A#3: The intent of the testator here was not to prevent her from getting married again, so much as...
AMB: The law favors freedom to marry, it favors family, ...
RH: Miss McBeal, I must say I agree with Mister Serano, restrictions against remarriage aren't automatically invalid. We only strike them down if the intent is punitive. Do you have any evidence that the deceased was trying to punish your client ?
AMB: No...
RH: Then where is your case ?
AMB (seeing her legs being chopped off under her): Your Honor, I (she falls down and starts beating the floor with one of her chopped legs)... The restriction is de facto punitive.
RH: I don't care de facto, I see no motive ! The trust stands, valid as written.

Court room. Sexual harassment case.

Steve Cloves (one of the plaintiffs) is testifying, NP examining.
SC: I was in Marketing, Callie worked in the Controller's Office.
NP: You met in the job ?
SC: We did.
NP: And you began to date ?
SC: That's right.
NP: For how long ?
SC: We'd been together for about 3 and a half months when Mister Forsely called us both into his office.
NP: Mister Forsely is... ?
SC: That man right over there (points to someone at the defendant's table). He's one of the vice-presidents in personnel.
NP: And he called you to his office because... ?
SC: He'd heard that Callie and I were seeing each other. He confronted us about the relationship. We admitted it, upon which he discharged us.
AJ is cross-examining.
A#1: Cobb Company has a strict policy regarding inter-office dating, does it not ?
SC: Yes, which is ludicrous.
A#1: And could you give us your understanding of this "ludicrous" policy ?
SC: It's called "Date and Tell". If you're having a relationship, you're supposed to disclose it.
A#1: It's that simple ?
SC: No, it gets even more absurd. Once you disclose it, you're required to sign what basically amounts to a love contract.
A#1: And you have an understanding of the purpose of this contract ?
SC: The purpose is to insulate the company against any sexual harassment claims that could possibly arise out of that relationship.
A#1: I couldn't have said it better. So you knew and understood the dating policy at Cobb company, didn't you Mister Cloves ?
SC: Yes.
A#1: But when you and Callie Horn began to date, you nevertheless chose not to disclose it ?
SC: The reason I...
A#1: I didn't ask you for a reason, sir. My question was this: when you chose not to reveal your relationship with Callie Horn, you knew you were violating office sexual harassment policy, didn't you ?
SC: Yes.
A#1: Thank you Sir. (the 5 lawyers on the second row cross their legs at the same time...)
JC (getting up): Why not just tell ? And sign this love contract ?
SC: I found it demeaning. It's a violation of individual privacy.
JC: Did you attempt to conceal your relationship with Miss Horn ?
SC: No. We certainly didn't flaunt it, but we never tried to hide it.
JC: Could you describe your feelings for Miss Horn ?
SC: I love her.
JC: You love her ? Well that must have just broken all sorts of rules !
A#1: Objection !
JC: You can't go round having people loving one another...
A#1: Objection !
SW: Mister Cage !
JC: I'm sorry, if I've seen inappropriate with my condemnation for the defendant's position, it's just that sometimes I get overwhelmed by common sense.
A#1: Objection !
SW: Counsel !
JC: Your Honor, for the records, the other six lawyers did not object.
The six lawyers (getting up): Objection !
JC: I stand corrected.

AMB and BT in the elevator of Cage & Fish.

BT does not look happy...
AMB: We can appeal it. There's no way he can just rule like that, it was the equivalent of summary judgment before discovery. (they get out of the elevator)
BT: You got a second ?
AMB (getting her messages from EV at EV's desk): Well, umm...
BT: Your office is fine. (he closes the door) Good Valentine's dinner last night ?
AMB: I'm sorry ?
BT: You were unprepared. You walked into court today assuming an easy victory, you didn't do the leg work, you were unprofessional to the point of malpractice, and since I was second chair, that performance was a reflection on me. Don't you (shouting) EVER let that happen again ! (he starts to leave)
AMB: Hold on a second ! I don't work for you ! And even if I did, nobody talks to me like that !
BT: It's time somebody should !
AMB: My research was current ! That judge's ruling was more a product of his flaring hemorrhoids than it was of my performance, and because it bears repeating, don't you ever speak to me like that again !
BT: What will you do, Ally, complain ? Gee, that's a novel course of action !
GT (entering the office, sensing something's wrong): What's going on ?
BT: Difference of opinion.
GT: Billy ? Come on.
RF (coming into the office which door has been left open by GT - with LW): Hi guys, glad you're all here. Good news, Ling's decided to come aboard off-counsel.
GT: You're...You're hir... hiring her ? (LW growls)
RF: Yes.
GT: Richard, how can you hire her to work here ?
RF: She licked my finger. I'm human. Asset. Firm. Bygones. (he leaves


Court room.

AJ is examining Mister Forsely (MF).
MF: Oh, yes it seems ridiculous, but you try to run a big company these days !
A#1: You seem frustrated.
MF: We are frustrated. Sexual harassment used to be quid pro quo. Then it became hostile work environment, which we thought meant systemic. Now even single incidents can give rise to law suits. And since the liability runs to the employer, we have to set rules to prevent atmospheres which could foster any incidents, even one.
A#1: OK. How does "Date and Tell" policy work ?
MF: Basically it allows us to be proactive. I'm not gonna kid anybody here, it's not that we care about the employees, we're worried about getting sued. It's the law that's perverse, our policy is a by-product !
NP is cross-examining.
NP: Does the law preclude two employees hugging each other Hello, or Good-bye ?
MF: No.
NP: But your policy does ?
MF: Yes, because we have no way of knowing whether the hugs are welcome or not.
NP: Does the law preclude two people talking about sexual activity ?
MF: When it amounts to harassment, yes it does.
NP: Does your policy wait for it to amount to harassment ?
MF: No, as a prophylactic we cut off all sex talk, period. The line is so easily crossed, we feel an absolute ban makes sense.
NP: Anyone reading the Kenneth Starr report would be sanctioned ?
MF: That's an easy one.
NP: But that was national news ! If people talk about Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, they've run a foul of your sexual harassment policy ?
MF: As silly as it sounds, conversation about national news can amount to sexual harassment under today's laws!
NP: And if it means being silly for safeguard against liability, you'll be silly.

Cage & Fish.

NP and JC get out of the elevator. AMB, GT and BT are waiting for him.
GT: John, can we steal a minute ?
JC: Actually, I...
AMB: One second ! (she grabs him by the tie


In an office.

BT: So he didn't even clear it with you ?
JC: No, but I usually defer to Richard on hiring anyway...
GT: John, this is a woman who practiced law for about three months, a woman he wants to have sex with, a woman, who on a tender day, rises to the level of vicious, how can she work in this firm ?
AMB: At least Nelle is a good lawyer, despite all her... her hair !
JC: Ling did make law review, she's certainly not stupid.
BT: John !
JC: What do you want from me ?
BT: We want you to tell Richard no, you're an equal partner !
JC: I won't tell him no.
BT: Come on John, it's important, you can't stand up and assert yourself ?
JC: I'm standing up now, to you.
RF (coming in): Look ! She's off-counsel, she only gets paid on cases she brings in.
BT: Do you really think that...
RF: Would you let me finish, Billy ?. She basically wants to supervise the legal infrastructure handling her corporate ventures, which are substantial. This will bring a lot of business for the firm, it'll be good for all of us !
BT: But mostly you !
RF: Here's a flash, Billy: it's my firm.

JC's office.

NP is with Callie Horn (CH) and SC. JC is playing with a sand box, drawing lines in it.
CH: Settle ?
NP: Callie, we're losing. They put the law on trial, and to me it's been very effective.
CH: But they fired us for dating, nothing to do with job performance.
NP: But they've established the law as the villain, and themselves as victims.
CH: We're the victims !
SC: I worked six years there. I saved enough money to finally buy a house, which I have since lost because I couldn't make the payments. I hear the giggles in that court room about the silly little trial, it's not so damn funny to me.
NP: I know that.
SC: Six years, I gave them, they prioritize some ridiculous corporate policy.
JC: We'll fight this fight. But I need you to know we don't feel continent... umm, confident. Poo, pa, poppy... Poppy field.


AMB is drying her hands, BT comes in.
BT: Look, I am sorry I lost my temper, but I was upset. It is nothing personal.
AMB: Good, nothing personal, that's just the way I want it (she tries to leave but BT grabs her arm) Billy, take your hand off me now !
BT: We need to go some place and talk.
AMB: You are not my boss, I am not under you, I never will be under you...
BT: You want to be under Ling ? Cause that's what's about to happen, if she brings in all her corporate ventures, she will become in effect our biggest client, in effect our boss...We'll all be under Ling...
AMB: Talk to Richard !
BT: She already got Richard, and John, and Nelle ! It's just you and me and... (can't find the name !)
AMB: Georgia.
BT: Georgia. The balance of power is changing, Ally. We need to go some place and talk.

LW and RF in RF's office, at night, playing Go.

LW: I'm sorry if you take a flat.
RF: Ling, I do believe it's good for the firm, otherwise I wouldn't have hired you. Notwithstanding the fact I'd do almost anything to introduce my penis to the inner you. If the others are mean to you, let me know. I'll deal with it.
LW: Richard, have you ever had a hair tickle ?
RF (dropping his pieces): Beg your pardon ?
LW: I give great hair.
RF: Ling, I don't know what you're talking about, though... I am getting aroused.
LW: That big hair blond thing never caressed you with her hair ?
RF: If she did, it must be one of those memories I've sealed away...
LW: Maybe tomorrow I'll give you a little treat.
RF: Is there any particular problem with, you know, now ?
LW: I need a candle.
RF: I've got one. See for yourself !
LW: Funny boy ! (RF laughs) Tomorrow.

A restaurant in Boston.

BT and AMB alone, having dinner.
BT: We've got two senior partners basically in the respective palms of Ling and Nelle.
AMB: Come on Billy, I'll be the first to admit I pre-judged Nelle, she's a decent person, and...
BT: I'm not saying it's some evil conspiracy, but Ling upsets the balance to the extent that her business raises out all business, and Ally, if she comes in charge she'll be able to turn Richard and John !
AMB: So what do we do ?
BT: I don't know, but we're about to lose everything that we...
AMB: I think you're overreacting. (pause) Billy, what's wrong ? (he looks at her, very sad) Oh God, you're not gonna tell me you're dying or something ?
BT: I can't...
AMB: Billy, what's going on ?
BT: Umm...Remember how we said, whatever we'll become we can't be anything but truthful with each other ?
AMB: Yeah.
BT: I.... When I see you with Greg, when I see you... I love Georgia, and I've been able to do a damn good job of denying the truth... That I never loved anybody like I loved and still love you. When I saw you two kissing this morning, my insides just screamed... I can't keep this for myself anymore... I can't keep it to myself.
AMB: I think you should have.(she starts to gather her things) I'm gonna go...
BT: Ally...
AMB: Oh no, that was a little too much truth, Billy... (she leaves)
AMB running in the streets that evening. VS is singing "Hundred Tears away".

AMB and RR's flat.

RR drinking wine.
RR: What was he suggesting ?
AMB: I don't know...
RR: Did you ask him ?
AMB: Renee, my whole body just clinched, I just had to get out of there.
RR: Now wait, wait, you guys tell each other all the time you still love each other, you have your little Hallmark moment...
AMB: This wasn't that. It was more.
RR: Well... How do you feel ?
AMB: Besides numb ?
RR: Yeah, besides numb.
AMB: I think I'd like to kill him. I've been alone a long time and it's been quality time loneliness, and now when I finally find somebody he... This was a selfish thing for him to do, it...
RR: Ally, you're telling me what you think. How do you feel ?
AMB: Renee, even if I knew my feelings, the last thing I would do is let myself trust them !
RR: OK, let's start with Greg. Quick, off the top of your head, how d'you feel about Greg ?
AMB: Love him.
RR: How do you feel about Billy ?
AMB: Love him.

Court room.

JC and NP make their way through a lot of reporters. They finally make it to a room.
NP: I'm sorry we're late, the press is...
A#4: Yes, notoriety can be a curse sometimes.
NP: 475 a piece, we can all be done. (pause, all 7 lawyers are in a little cute pyramid shape) No response ?
A#1: What were you expecting ? Laughter ?
JC: Oh, you think you've beaten us ?
A#1: Not only have we made our case, I think you've made our case.
JC: My grand father would often say, "I dare not presume to assert, for fear I may be in error".
A#1: Perhaps you should let him first chair. (attorneys laugh a little)
JC: After they read that verdict, let's just be sure to make eye contact.
NP: Let's go. (they leave


Cage & Fish.

NP and JC come out of the elevator.
NP: We haven't got a chance if you don't close big John !
JC: I know !
NP: Now there must be some way to squeeze something...
RF: Nelle, John, how's the case going ?
NP: Well...
RF: Skip it, John, steal you a second ? (he takes JC away from NP) Do you know what it means to... get hair ?
JC: I'm sorry ?
RF: Ling does this hair tickle thing, it's not why I hired her, but do you know what it is ?
JC: No.
RF: Bugger. Do you think Billy would know ?
JC: Richard, I have to prepare a really important closing. (he leaves)
RF: Bygone.

AMB's office

GT enters AMB office. AMB is at her desk.
GT: Hey !
AMB: Georgia ! Hi ! How's it going ?
GT (she closes the door): Billy told me about your little talk.
AMB (her face turns ashen - she gets up): He did ? Umm, what did he say ?
GT: Just that we may need to form an alliance, given Ling coming to the firm.
AMB (obviously relieved and slightly giggly): Oh... Ah, ha, ha, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, I think that's something that we should consider.
GT: What's wrong ?
AMB (almost crying now, going around her desk towards GT): I don't know, it's all, all upsetting... Oops (she falls down at GT's feet) Well, some things don't change. (she bumps her elbow in the desk while getting up) Ow !
GB (entering the office): Ally ?
AMB: Hey, Greg, what a nice surprise !
GB: Surprise ? Aren't we on for lunch ?
AMB: Oh, yeah, yeah, is it lunch time already ?
GT (to GB): Don't ask me (she leaves)
GB: You're OK ?
AMB: Yes, it's just some office politics.
GB: I missed you last night. Do you realize that was the first night in about three weeks that we didn't see each other ?
AMB: Umm, umm, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, it was a tough night.
GB: You're really OK ?
AMB: Yeah, I'm fine. (they kiss, she's not really in the mood).


AMB is coming in rubbing her temples, checking if somebody else is in there. While she's on her knees, a stall opens, sends her flying into the opposite stall, bumping her head and hurting her bum with the door. BT gets out.
BT: Are you all right ?
AMB: I'm fine, I'm fine, never been better. You ?
BT: Maybe we should just...
AMB: Talk ? No thanks. I don't think talk is always the best thing.
BT: Ally...
AMB: No ! Please !
GT (entering the unisex): Are you two still mad at each other ? Come on Billy, leave her alone. (they leave and AMB gets into a stall touching the top of her head


JC's office.

JC is barefoot, preparing his closing. NP comes into his office, wearing her hair down.
NP (seeing him bare feet): First draft ?
JC: I'll be ready.
NP: Look, maybe I can get them back up to a hundred. I know it's a long shot, but... (she notices JC staring at her) What ?
JC: You're a beautiful woman, Nelle. I know it goes without saying, but the law shouldn't require it to go unsaid.
NP (obviously shy by the compliment): Why don't you put that in your closing ?
JC: Extraordinarily beautiful woman. (NP leaves).

AMB and RR at the flat, on the couch.

They're folding laundry.
AMB: Tomorrow... Tomorrow has always been my favorite day of the week, but right now... There has never been a tomorrow so scary ! I'm falling in love with Greg, he is the greatest guy, I could... I could... But when Billy looks at me in a certain way... I feel like we're playing this stupid game, pretending not to be what we both know we are.
RR: Which is ?
AMB: Meant for each other. (RR sighs) I know, sappy-sappy puke-sappy, but that there's one person for every person, I can't shake what if it's true ?
RR: Ally, do you think Billy wants to get back with you ?
AMB: I don't know. And one of the reasons I don't know is because I won't let myself go there because I'm terrified that the answer could be yes ! And I'm more terrified that the answer could be no.
RR: You said something to me about Matt, it keeps ringing in my head. We all want love to come along. Yet we apply all these restrictions as to how it should come along. If Billy's the guy, Billy's the guy.
AMB (after a pause): I couldn't do it to Georgia !
RR: You'd be doing Georgia a favor ! Not that she'd see it that way, but... (they both laugh) If they had kids, it'd be different. I'd jump on your head. Right now, the mistake you two have made, it can still be corrected.

A street in Boston.

AMB is getting out of the subway. She's trying to hear her theme song, but it keeps slowing down and scratching.

Cage & Fish.

LW is wearing the face bra EV's invented.
EV: Try laughing. Your face won't even move.
LW: I don't laugh weekdays.
EV: OK, frowning.
AMB (arriving): What's going on ?
EV: Ling's gonna produce my infomercial. She has a product line she's gonna take me on.
AMB: Well, great ! (LW growls


AMB's office.

AMB, a cup in the hand, gets in her office and closes her door the way she can (with her foot), and almost spills her cappuccino as she realizes that Billy is in her office.
BT: I'm sorry, I had no right to drop... what I dropped on you.
AMB: Well, umm, yeah, this kind of thing just happens when you see me happy with other guys, it always passes.
BT: When Richard hired Ling, I immediately sat down and planned my leaving. That's when it hit me like a bomb. The idea of not seeing you every day, I even thought Wow, get help ! Go for therapy or something. Why I'm trying to cure myself of the best thing I've ever known ! (he gets foam out of Ally's nose)
AMB: Billy, you're married, and even if you weren't, I'm with somebody else right now.
BT: I'm not trying to talk you into anything, I just offer all of this by way of explanation of how I... could say what I said to you, and do what I have done to Georgia by saying it.
AMB: Georgia, that's a very good word for us to keep saying over and over. Georgia.
BT: Plus you're with somebody.
AMB: Yeah. Plus that !

Court room.

JC is doing his closing.
JC: It's silly. Two consenting adults, not allowed to date without first signing a love contract ? See my co-counsel over there ? She and I dated. Things didn't work out, and now, after, we still have to work side by side, and yes, it can get awkward. But imagine, had I not dated her, I'd miss out on that little flutter I felt in my stomach when I held her hand, I may have tried to repress the high I got at the first hint of flirtation, the euphoria when I kissed her, the pain of, well, pain, when it became clear it wasn't meant to be. You know, these are just, these are life moments that happen, they happen when people interact, and it's wonderful. Imagine, three quarters of every waking hour is spent at the work place, and their policies are trying to legislate against... smiling, hugging, complimenting somebody on their attire, they're trying to ban the possibility of finding love there, have we all gone mad ? Do you know how hard it is to find love, period ? If you take away the work place, that leaves well let's say bars, parties, the gym, yeah, all these other artificial venues where people reveal only the pina-colada sides of themselves ! You take away meeting somebody at work... And they'll have you believe well, hey that's the law ! But the law doesn't say that, ladies and gentlemen, despite what these 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 men claim. The law does not say you can't or shouldn't date people at work, the law merely requires that people behave like adults ! Now their policies assume you can't, they're all about avoiding liability. And I tell you, that's sad, when a policy outlaws mistletoe, when it says dress down, when it says don't say anything you'd be afraid to say in a deposition, now what's going on, here ? When I dated my co-counsel, I'd walk over to her sometimes, I'd pretend I was Barry White. I'd maybe move my hips a little (we hear Barry White, he dances a little). I risked being rejected, laughed at, and it was everything ! Now of course there's oppression sometimes, there's real harassment, there's real victims, and when it happens, the guilty should be held accountable, but to ban the flirt ? And the smile, and the date, and the possibility of discovering somebody to spend the rest of your life with ? Say it with me: (they do !) Silly. (the 5 lawyers of the back raise their hands together as to make an objection - they don't voice it).
SW: Mister Cage, I'm not amused.
JC: Well I apologize. But those people worked hard for that company and they were fired for wanting to keep their private lives private. They lost everything. No, none of us should be amused. (he sits down)
A#1 (still in his chair): It would be nice if we could trust adults at the work place to behave like adults. And if we could, we wouldn't have these laws. Just like (he gets up and move towards the jury) it would be good if we could trust all people to drive safely on the road. I mean, their lives are at stake, you'd think they would, but they don't. So we start making rules, we put up stop signs. And even when there's not another car for miles, when you come to a stop sign, you have to stop. How silly is that ? But, in a larger scheme, lives are saved by these rules. The same principles are at work with sexual harassment policies. Since it is so very difficult to know where the lines are being crossed, we draw bigger and bolder lines, way inside the boundaries of what would appear to be common sense. No doubt these rules seem crazy. But when you're one of those companies that are paying millions and millions of dollars in judgments, suddenly, they do make sense. And if you don't like it, don't work there. Go somewhere else. The plaintiffs chose to work at Cobb company with full knowledge of the rules. They just broke them.
JC (getting up): Your Honor, I'm terribly sorry, I forgot to mention in my closing that if a rule is capricious in nature one shouldn't be expected to follow it. Yeah, I meant to say that, I just... I forgot.
SW: Thank you Counsel.
A#1: And... if one thought a rule to be capricious, his course of action could be either not to work there, or try to affect change. They did neither. They just flat out violated the policy. And got caught. And now they're asking you to assume that adults will behave like adults.

AMB's office.

AMB at her desk, listening into a headset and singing "Georgia" (Boz Skaggs) GT enters. AMB raises her head and sees her. She takes the headset off.
AMB: Georgia ?!
GT: Ally !
AMB: What ? I mean, oh, hi, hi, Georgia...
GT: What are you doing ?
AMB: Umm, I was just listening to Boz Skaggs, I just... love him. Don't you ? Boz Skaggs... You know, next to Ray Charles, he's... love him. (GT leaves and closes the door behind her)

Court room. Jury's back.

SW: The jury has reached its verdict, mister Foreman ?
Foreman: We have your Honor.
SW: What say you ?
Foreman: In the matter of Cloves and Horn vs. Cobb Company Incorporated, on the charge of wrongful termination, we find in favor of the plaintiffs.
JC (looks really amazed): Poughkeepsie.
Foreman: And we order the defendant to pay damages in the amount of 942,000 dollars.
SW: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your service. We're adjourned !
NP and JC hug. All happy on their side... JC looks at each and every one of the lawyers from Cobb company. JC and AJ shakes hands. Other 6 lawyers leave the other way to avoid shaking hands with JC.

Cage & Fish.

EV's on the phone.
EV: They won ! (to GT coming) They won !
GT: You're kidding ?
EV (into the phone): 942,000 dollars. The press is calling, they want a quote.
RF (on the other end of the line): Just tell them justice is never more sweet than when you get it on one-third contingency... (he's troubled by a candle flying in front of him)
LW: It's time Richard.
RF: Elaine ? I'll talk later. Yeah, something's come up. (He hangs up - LW drops wax on a plate) That looks dangerous...
LW: Lie back.
VS is singing "Mustang Sally". LW saddles RF, takes out his watch, opens his robe and starts to caress his torso. She takes the candle in her hand.
RF: Ling, hot wax, I...
LW: One ceremonial drop, then nothing but hair... Lie... (she drops)
She leans over, and almost kisses him, then goes down his body with her hair. RF looks in heaven !

AMB in her office.

It's night. She's talking on the phone.
AMB: I'm on my last interrogatory, you wanna meet me at the bar ?
GB (on the other line, not seen): I'm hungry.
AMB: Oh we could go to dinner. Legals ?
GB: I can be there in about 45.
AMB: Well you've got a date. Bye.
BT (entering): Big date, umm ?
AMB: I really like him, Billy.
BT: I guess that's good.
AMB: For both of us.
BT: Yeah.
AMB (getting her coat): I'll walk you out if you promise to behave yourself on the elevator.
BT: I'll try.
AMB: Did you work late, hoping I might too ?
BT: I don't think so. But on the other hand I can't deny I'm here.
AMB: But going.
BT: What happened ?
AMB: You tell me.
BT: I... just never figured you could meet the person of your dreams at age 8.
He closes the door and slowly leans over AMB and kisses her... After the first kiss, they look at each other, and kiss some more. AMB drops her coat on the floor, and they kiss... Like it's never gonna end. VS is singing "Pyramids on the Nile". They dance also a little. Last image is Ally walking in Boston, at night, alone.

Ending credits.

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