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#211 : La vie rêvée

Bria Tolsen, la prof préférée d'Ally au lycée, est très malade et demande l'aide d'Ally pour obtenir le droit d'être plongée dans état de sommeil artificiel, ce n'est que dans ses rêves que la patiente retrouve un semblant de bonheur… Lors de cette affaire le chemin d'Ally croisera celui d'une ancienne connaissance qui ne l'avait pas laissée de marbre ...


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Titre VO
In dreams

Titre VF
La vie rêvée

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Réalisation : Alex Graves | Ecriture : David E. Kelley

Guest starsJesse L. Martin (Greg Butters), Eileen Ryan (Bria Tolson), James Greene (Père McNamara), Joel Polis (Maître Woodson), Sam Anderson (Mark Harrison).


Scenes from previous Ally McBeal (including first season with Greg Butters).

AMB flat. RR and AMB are sleeping, each in her room.

AMB is sleeping with the inflatable doll man. The phone rings (3 times), and AMB wakes up suddenly.

AMB: I don't believe it ! Umm.. (picks up the phone on the fifth ring) Hello ? Yes, this is she. Excuse me, Bria Tolson ? Yes, oh... Well, sure, I'll be right down !

RR (at the door of AMB's room): Anything wrong ?

AMB: Yeah, a teacher I had in high school, she's in the hospital.

RR: That means he's available, right ?

AMB: Oh, he's all yours, just don't ruin him !

RR: You killed the last one !

AMB: Just remember, he's a share toy ! (she goes to get dressed)

RR (getting in AMB's bed next to the doll): Just you and me, baby ! He came with a warranty, right ?

AMB (heads pops up by the door): Renee, you're my best friend. I trust you not to let the air out of my social life !

RR looks under the cover at the doll with a sexy look.


Hospital. AMB comes in, asks a nurse, follows a corridor, and gets into a room. A priest is there and BTo is in a bed.

AMB: Hey ! Bria, it's Ally !

BTo: Ally ! Oh, thank you for coming ! How beautiful you've become ! Of course, you always were. Robert, say hello to Ally McBeal.

AMB: Hi !

RM: Hello ! I was the one who have called you, actually.

BTo: Robert's been visiting me all week. I'm trying to get the low down on where I'm headed but he's nub (they laugh shyly). Ally was a student of mine in high school. My favorite student. (To AMB) Did I ever tell you that ?

AMB: Well, umm... I suspected.

BTo: How many years has it been ?

AMB: Too many.

BTo: What happened to that sweetheart of yours ? Umm, Billy I think his name was.

AMB: You know, he grew up and became, you know, a man !

BTo: Are you two... ?

AMB: No, no, no !

BTo: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that ! (to RM) You know, Ally and he smelled each other's buttocks when they were 8. It was love at first whiff ! (AMB's face is burning up) Like 2 dogs in a playground ! A couple of snorts and they knew they were meant for each other.

AMB: There was... a context !

BTo: Oh, you're such a darling to come ! I think I need to take a little rest. Will you catch me up ?

AMB: Sure ! (RM motions her to move away from the bed so they can talk while BTo rests)

RM: Doctors don't give her very much time.

AMB: Is that why you're here, to... to... ? (she signs herself)

RM: Oh no, no, I've just been dropping by. We become friendly. She seems like a special woman !

AMB: Oh she is !

BTo (in her dreams): Oh Henry, how good of you to come ! For me ? Oh, they're perfectly beautiful !

AMB: Bria ?

BTo (still in her dreams): I'll put them in water directly. Oh, they take my breath !

AMB (to RM): She said Henry. She used to have this dream of a man, named Henry, Henry Lane. They were in love. She must still dream about him.

RM: Was this somebody she knew ?

AMB: Oh no, no, he wasn't real, he was only... Actually, I take that back. Bria said he was real but he only existed in her dreams. And sometimes, she'd cry when she woke up, because waking up made him gone.

BTo (laughing in her dreams): I'll slap your face if get fresh with me !

AMB: I think she's talking to him right now !

RM (hearing BTo breathing deeply, like she's sniffing something): Did she just visit his bottom ?

AMB (annoyed): The flowers ! He brought her flowers !

BTo (awake now): Ally, don't let them keep me alive !

AMB: Oh, sshh...

BTo: I can't move my legs ! I won't be able to walk in my garden ! I'm losing my eyesight, they say I won't be able to read ! Don't let them use those plastic contraptions, when it's time, it's time !


BTo: You promise me ?

AMB: Sshh...

Unisex. NP in front of the mirror. JC comes in.

NP: John ! It's almost midnight, I thought I was the only one still here !

JC: I'm about to go. (in front of his stall) You're having a happy new year so far ?

NP: Am I having a happy new year ?

JC: You don't have to answer right away.

NP: Will you ever relax around me ? After our mistletoe kiss, I thought that... I could be wrong. But I think you need to be shocked ! (she lets her coat down and starts coming close to him).

JC (looking panicky): Pough... Poughkep... Parcels.

NP: You know what excites me a little ? Public places. Of course, there's nobody else about to come here this late, is there ? (he undoes his tie) I'm sure we'll be safe. (Toilet seat in JC's stall goes up and down a lot) What's that ?

JC: My bowl is calling. I really should go. (NP leaves - JC enters his stall, closes the door, and looks above the wall to watch her leave)

Hospital. AMB, RM, BTo laughing. BT comes in.

BT: Ally !

AMB: Oh Billy ! Billy, Bria. Here's Billy !

BTo: I thought you two were...

AMB: Oh, we're not ! But we still work together.

BT: Hi Bria !

BTo: Look at you ! You turned into such a beautiful man ! Why aren't you two married

AMB: Well, you know... (turns to RM) This is father...

RM: McNamara. Hello.

BT: Billy Thomas.

RM: This would be the Billy ?

AMB: Never mind.

BTo (to AMB) : Did you ever find love ?

AMB: What ? Oh sure, I find it everywhere. Love is all around us, right Bria ?

BTo: You know what I mean.

AMB: No, not yet. I'm still... I... Well I, of course, loved Billy, but since, you know...

RM: There's just something so special about that first behind !

AMB: Hey !

BT: What ?

BTo: Isn't he delightful ? He made me laugh all week ! Made me feel safe.

AMB: How bout your sister ? Is she...

BTo: Helen ? We sort of lost touch. She is... How would you describe that, Robert ?

RM: Dead.

BTo: Oh yes, 3 years ago.

AMB: Sorry.

BTo: Yeah. Ally, promise me you won't grow old alone. It's not a good thing.

AMB (to BT and RM): Could you to go talk sports for a second ? (they move away, AMB sits on BTo's bed) You still see Henry, don't you ?

BTo: How did you know ?

AMB: When you fell asleep, you talked a little.

BTo: Henry and I married.

AMB: You did ?

BTo: 3 children ! The last few years, the dreams would come more often, now it's almost every night, somehow I'm able to continue them. Do you still dream ?

AMB: Oh yeah !

BTo: I mean the fantasies ?

AMB: Sometimes.

BTo: Oh, that's wonderful ! You've never been institutionalized ?

AMB: Not yet.

BTo: Oh, you're such a dear girl to come ! Dear girl ! (she closes her eyes, and the line goes flat)

AMB: Bria ?

RM: Nurse !

AMB: Bria ?

Nurse and doctor come in, with the machine to electrocute the heart and make it go again. The doctor is... Greg Butters ! As cute as ever. RM is putting on his priest gear to give the last sacrament.

GB: I need one amp ready to go ! Rea in back up ! Charge ! Clear !(As he's about to put the things on BTo, she opens her eyes and sees him and screams) But she's a flatliner, how could she ?

Nurse: It's a miracle !

RM: No, no it's not a miracle, it's something else (he bents down and picks up a loose wire) We call it HMO !

Nurse: Oops !

BTo: You were about to electrocute me ! I saw you ! I have my lawyer here !

GB (turning around, sees AMB for the first time): Ally !

AMB (also in shock): Greg ! (pause) Is she OK ?

GB: She seems a little litigious. Other than that... How is it going ?

AMB: Fine ! You ?

GB: Fine.

BT (to RM): She dated him.

RM: What a surprise !

BTo: Why were they gonna electrocute me ?

AMB: They thought that your heart stopped but it was only mine... A wire ! It was only a wire that came loose, but you're fine !

BTo: Do you mind e getting a second opinion from my doctor ?

AMB: Oh, sure.

GB: False alarm, Bria, you can go back to sleep.

BTo: Oh, I think I'll do that. (she closes her eyes).

AMB (to GB): So you're back in Boston ? (BTo opens her eyes and spies on them)

GB: Yeah You look... Patient !

AMB: Sure (GN bents over BTo, AMB imagines her tongue getting long and licking his neck).

View of Boston by night. Sounds of children playing, probably BTo's dreams. Hospital. GB is examining BTo who seems asleep.

AMB: How much time do you give her ?

GB: Well, with the LS progression varies. She could live a week, she could live 2 or 3 months... Her body's basically shutting down.

AMB: And there's nothing you can do ?

GB: Not really at this point, I'm afraid.

AMB (to RM): And what about you ?

RM: I'm trying.

BTo (in her sleep): Don't stop ! Don't stop ! Right there...

GB: Bria ?

RM: She's having sex with Henry.

BTo (suddenly waking up): Oh ! What happened ? What happened ? Will somebody help me ?

AMB: Hey Bria, it's OK, it's Ally, I'm right here, you're OK.

BTo: Don't tell me I'm OK, I'm dying !

GB: Sshh, we need you to stay calm. Try to take some rest ?

AMB: I'm right here, and so is Robert (to RM) Can you tell her you're here ?

RM: You're blocking me ! (AMB moves away and RM moves closer to the bed).

BTo: I thought I was gone, I don't want to be gone. I'm not ready to go.

RM: You're right here, Bria, we're all here with you.

BTo: Can I sleep ? I'd like to sleep some.

GB: Of course you can.

BTo: Doctor, I'd like to stay asleep.


BTo: No, I mean stay asleep. Not wake up again.

GB: I'm sorry ?

BTo: I don't want to be awake, I don't want to be crippled, I don't want to be sick. I just wanna be with Henry.

GB: Who's Henry ?

AMB: Her husband, in her dreams. They also have children.

BTo: Yeah... When I sleep, I'm with them. That's where I wanna be.

GB: For now, I want you to get some rest. We'll talk about that later.

Later, GB and AMB in the hospital corridor.

AMB: Umm, Greg ? You can induce comas, right ?

GB: Excuse me ?

AMB: She's happier asleep, you heard her !

GB: Ally, we don't induce comas for the purpose of dreaming !

AMB: Even if, even if... umm... (giggles) So when did you get back in Boston ?

GB: Just after Christmas. Chicago...

AMB: What, did you meet somebody, had to leave town ? (pause) That was a joke.

GB: I was actually planning to call you.

BTo (voice over from the room): Ally !

AMB: Excuse me. (she leaves)

BTo's room. AMB on BTo's bed.

BTo: It's so beautiful there, where I sleep. You're a lawyer, right?

Conference Room, Cage & Fish. All around the table sitting, except RF pacing around.

RF: A court order ?

AMB (writing notes): Yes.

RF: To keep her in a coma ?

AMB: Yes.

All: Da da da da da da da

AMB (raises her head from her notes): What ? Did you just all go "Da da da da da da da" ? (Apparently not when you look at their faces. JC hums it) It's not nuts ! (pause) OK it is, but so is the law ! A person has the right to die, why can't they have the right to be in a coma ? I'm going to court ! I'll bring it before Whipper, she allowed people to have unicorns, she should allow this !

BT: Ally !

GT: This is from Mars !

AMB: So it's from Mars, fine ! John, will you second chair, it would help if I went in there with a native.

JC smiles like his smile therapy, his nose whistles.

Court chamber, Whipper is the judge, AW and AMB in front of her presenting the case.

WC: You want to keep her unconscious ?

AMB: My client has a dream world, Your Honor, where the quality of life is better than when she's awake !

AW: Obviously, the hospital opposes this kind of voodoo...

AMB: It's not voodoo, your patients have the right to receive pain medication, this is...

AW: Not that ! Keeping someone in a coma...

AMB: She can not walk ! She's losing the ability to even read ! And she's totally alone ! When she sleeps, she goes into a world where she's married, and she has children, and...

WC: How do you know that ?

AMB: She told me. The dreams are recurring more and more, and...

AW: Even if we were to believe that, we don't willingly put people to sleep !

AMB: Because you make the assumption that it's better to be awake ! Suppose... Suppose it's not !

WC: Does she have a family in this world ?

AMB: No, Your Honor.

WC: So you're asking to substitute your judgment to determine...

AMB: Actually no. She can tell you herself. Ask her.

Cage & Fish lobby. Elevator opens. Spooky music. LW comes out. She walks very fast. GT sees her.

GT (very friendly): Ling ! How are you ?

LW: I'm fine.

GT: Great ! Have a nice day. (she leaves - Music resumes - LW goes into RF's office)

RF's office. RF sitting behind his desk.

LW: We need to talk about your funny little friend Cage.

RF (getting up): Ling ! Nice to see you !

LW: Yes, I'm not here out of nicety, I'm here to talk about Nelle. She's like a sister. When she's in pain, I throb. The funny little man hassle to bug her.

RF: Hassle ?

LW: He's gay. Do you have any water ? Flat, the bubbles give me gas. (During the rest of the scene, LW will pace around the office looking everywhere for water)

RF: Gay ? John ?

LW: He won't respond sexually, unless you count pricing around like Barry White. If there's no water just tell me, why make me look ?

RF: There's no water. And he's not gay !

LW: Then why doesn't he... (she makes a gesture) ? (she is still looking for water)

RF: He's shy... You and I haven't...

LW: That's different. I don't want to.

RF: You don't ? (he hears the bad bells). May I ask you why not ?

LW: First, I don't think you're totally over the blonde big hair naked buttock thing, and second you're a man who thinks with his penis, for me to keep your interest, I have to keep it alert. And third, I don't much like sex, it's messy. (she finally finds water) There is water, you lied !

RF: So if a woman doesn't want sex, it's OK, but if a man doesn't want it, he's gay ?

LW: Yes. That isn't just me, that's a medical fact. (she drinks and makes a face) The water has bubbles ! (she gives him the bottle and leaves).

Hospital. BTo's room. WC, AW, JC and AMB by her bed. GB and RM on the other side.

AMB: And, it's a good life you're dreaming ?

BTo: Oh, it's wonderful ! I'm in love ! I'm a mother ! I'm forty !

WC: But you realize none of this is real ?

BTo: When I was in high school, I didn't get invited to the prom. I stayed home, but I pretended I was with this beautiful young man. I called him Henry. It made me happy so, from time to time, when I got blue, I just fantasized about him. About what he'd look like. The books he'd read. The clothes he'd wear. I had imaginary conversations with him. I gave him a complete identity. Then I think it was when I was in my thirties, I began to dream about him in my sleep. There he seemed real. Oh, that's why I couldn't wait to go to sleep at night ! And since I've been ill... Well look at me ! You think I'm crazy to want to go into that word, but wouldn't I be crazy not to ?

Cage & Fish lobby. Elevator opens. AMB and JC go out. RF and BT in the lobby.

BT: Did she rule ?

AMB: Oh, she found her competent, but the hospital's refusing to put her to sleep.

RF: Take her to a vet ! (bad bells ringing) Judging by your looks I can say I've misspoken. Bygones ! John ? I need you ! (they both go).

AMB and BT go into AMB's office.

BT: What happens next ?

AMB: We try to get a court order to force the hospital, we're back before Whipper in the morning.

BT: Ally, are you sure you're... ? Never mind.

AMB: No, what ?

BT: Well, your fantasies...

AMB: You're not in them anymore. (pause - he seems disappointed) Well, sometimes around the holidays...

BT (smiling): That's not where I was going.

AMB: Where were you going ?

BT: The truth is, I... I think your inner life is healthy, I envy somebody who can be so in touch with their dreams.

AMB: But ?

BT: To choose to live in them ? That's not sanity.

AMB: Not for me. But in her circumstances ? Are you sure ?

BT: No. (he starts to leave and turns around) It was nice to see him again, umm ?

AMB: Who ?

BT: Greg.

AMB: Oh, him. He's, he's just a friend !

BT: OK. (he leaves)

RF's office. RF and JC.

JC: Nelle said that to Ling ?

RF: I only know what Ling said to me, she was under the influence of thirst at the time... But... Have you really not...?

JC: That's none of your business !

RF: None of my business ? You hopped into my stall for advice, Ling considers you gay, as wrong as she might be, you gotta remember, John "you're not who you are, you're only what other people think of you". Umm... Fishism. You gotta sleep with this woman !

JC: Ling ?

RF: Nelle !

NP (stepping in behind them): What ? (RF and JC jump screaming) You were saying ?

RF: Depends on what you heard. Nelle, remember how you hate people talking behind your back ?

NP: Yes ?

RF: I can't do that when you're in the room. (he turns away from her and whisper to John) Kiss her ! (he turns around again and starts to leave) I'll choose another office. (he leaves)

JC: You told Ling you're frustrated of my lack of sexual aggressiveness ? (pause) Did you ?

NP: I might have mentioned to Ling in confidence that... but bygones. Yes.

JC: You're a big believer in straight lines, Ling, to Richard, to me, that's your straight line ?

NP: I think I have been honest with you. Have I been blunt ? No ! If I'm too direct, you either stutter, blutter something that has to do with New York, whistle with your nose or jump into a stall ! (JC does his smile thing) Then, there's the smile therapy. (He stops smiling - she comes closer to him) I've given you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you're stuck in reverse because of your frog rows, but... Whatever world you live in, John, I'm not sure I get in. (she leaves)

Hospital. GB is examining BTo. AMB is at the door.

GB (to BTo): Breathe in. (BTo does, and so does AMB looking at him) And again.

BTo: How come you're single ? A pretty man like you ! What's your problem ?

GB: Cold stethoscope. And again.

AMB is still behind them, and imagines her tongue slowly reaching out behind GB to tickle his ear. When it's about to reach the ear, he turns around, and she receives her tongue back, slapping her and making her lose her balance against the door frame.

GB (to BTo): OK. I'll check in again on you later.

BTo: Thanks.

AMB (as he passes by the door where she still stands): I'm gonna stay awhile.

GB: OK. I'll...

AMB: Check back in ?

GB: Yeah. (he leaves)

AMB (sitting on BTo's bed): You're doing OK ?

BTo: Yeah.

AMB: Wanna play some cards, little gin ?

BTo: You got any ?

AMB: Rami !

BTo: Oh ! You know, I think...

AMB: You wanna sleep ?

BTo: I miss them !

AMB: Then you sleep, Bria.

BTo: Oh, you're such a dear !

AMB: Sshh sshh sshh. (whispers) Sleep.

The bar. VS is singing. GT, BT, RF, EV, JC at a table. AMB is in the hospital holding Bria's hand while she sleeps.

We see BTo's dream of dancing with a man all dressed up. Becomes GB and AMB walking in the snow, kissing. Fades into AMB looking by the window of the hospital. GB is watching her from the door and leaves.

Court room. MH testifying.

MH: The idea that a hospital would keep a person in a deep sleep is just preposterous. As well as ethically immoral.

AW: And why is that, doctor ?

MH: We heal injuries. We cure diseases. We don't put people under to dream. And even if a hospital were to do so, there's no scientific evidence that she would even continue to experience dream patterns.

Cut to later

AMB (getting up): No scientific evidence to prove they don't !

MH: A deep sleep will have to be drug induced. Probably by sodium penthothal. Now that would affect her brain.

AMB: Is it possible for her to dream in this state, yes or no ?

MH: What if a twenty year old came in, she's just broken up with her boyfriend, she says, I wanna sleep forever, can you help ?

AMB: That isn't this case !

MH: No, but I'm asking you, what if ?

AMB: Has your hospital ever practiced euthanasia, Doctor ?

MH: No, we don't condemn euthanasia.

AMB: That wasn't my question. Has any doctor in your hospital ever upped the morphine drip, with the knowledge that it would likely accelerate if not cause the patient's death ?

MH: There has been occasions when suffering patients have been giving high doses.

AMB: Knowing that that does would help them to die.

MH: It's not hospital policy, but I won't deny it's happened.

AMB: So while your hospital has helped patients to die, you have ethical problems helping them to sleep !

MH: Your patient isn't in pain.

AMB: Have you met my patient ?

MH: There's a difference between prescribing pain medication, and supplying a drug to help achieve an altered mental state, simply because you find dream land a happier world !

AMB: My question was, have you met Bria Tolson ? And though you didn't answer, we all know by that response that you haven't.

Cage & Fish. NP's office. NP and LW enter.

NP: I never asked you to go to Richard Fish !

LW: So I could have been wrong. Are you gonna milk that ?

NP: Ling !

LW: You were bothered Nelle, I could see it ! The strange little man won't move on you, you became un-fun and lousy company to me. There's no reason I should be a victim.

JC (coming into the office): Nelle ?

LW: There must be somebody to sue ! (she leaves)

JC: The reason I grasp don't want to escalate sexually, is because I'm afraid of accelerating the relationship towards extinction. If we fondle we make love. If we make love we might perhaps begin a serious involvement, at which point we'd likely discover that we weren't ultimately right for each other, we perhaps part, and I would miss you.

NP: One more time ?

JC: By not going down the road, it remains the road ahead. Which excites me. It even brings me joy. (he leaves)

Later. JC pacing his office. NP comes in.

NP: Usually, when I think about things, I figure them out. But your little brain teaser... You're excited about going down a road you refuse to go down !

JC: Have you ever been alone, Nelle ?

NP: Of course !

JC: Truly alone. Doesn't mean between relationships. Loneliness is the feeling that there might never be anybody. Ever again. Now when's the last time you truly felt that ?

NP: Thirteen.

JC: Doesn't count at 13.

NP: OK. Here's a question for you. What are you talking about ?

JC: The idea of going to the bar after work with you, to dance. The idea of holding your hand as we walk down the street, of just being with you, I cherish it. It's like a dream.

NP: And ?

JC: I'm just afraid it ultimately would be revealed as a dream. We don't have common interests. I'm a person who hears bells, Barry White, make-believe voices, my inner world is bigger than my outer one, that's not true for you.

NP: Don't you think we should discover some of these things ?

JC: That kind of discover will split us ! And then I wouldn't be able to sit in my chair, each day, daydreaming of the end of the day where I get to hold your hand. I think part of me figures, well if you just move slow enough, you'll never get to the end.

NP: John ? I'm gonna try this inner world thing once.

JC: OK. (NP closes her eyes - we see the dumpster) Are you trying to hear bells ?

NP: Not exactly ! (the dumpster is being raised)

JC: Are you seeing anything ?

NP: I am !

JC: What do you see ?

NP: I see the end (JC falls out the dumpster, she opens her eyes). We're done. (she leaves).

RF, AMB and JC are lying on the floor, forming a three branch star; their heads together as the center.

RF: I can't say that I blame her, John.

AMB: Neither do I.

RF: The thing you have to realize, and I'm sure Ally will agree, is despite all the faint protest from women, God really did put them on Earth as objects of male sexual desire, and when you withhold that kind of primal reinforcement you shred their esteem.

AMB: You were assured I'd agree with that ?

JC: Look, Nelle knows I'm physically attracted to her.

RF: Then what are you waiting for ? Marriage ? Couples don't have sex after marriage, John, it's now or never,...

AMB: Why do you always say that ? That is ridiculous ! Couples have sex after marriage !

RF: Well, yes, but it's not enjoyable.

AMB: And why is that ?

RF: Well, first of all, and I'm sure you'll agree, sex for men is a little about conquest, after marriage she's legally required. If a husband tells a friend he got lucky last night, you can be sure he's not talking about his wife!

AMB: How do these things just spew out of your head like this, can you at least use your brain as a filter ?

RF: That remark would hurt if I had feelings.

AMB: You do have feelings, you both have feelings, and I think that's why you both... you're both afraid ! (to RF) You like to surf relationships, and (to JC) you only like to waddle in with your toes.

RF: And you like to drown !

JC: Ally, you've been going into court, arguing for your client's right to live in her imaginary world, why can't I live in mine ?

AMB: What's yours, John, keeping things with Nelle trapped in the bud ?

JC: In a matter of speaking. AMB rolls over, gets up and leaves.

RF: Women think they have all the answers (hears the bad bells).

Hospital room. BTo is asleep. AMB sitting next to the bed. RM is coming in with a Coke for him and a coffee for AMB. BTo sighs.

RM: I'm going to assume flowers as opposed to childhood memory.

AMB: You know, the last priest I knew, he got his own show on FOX. Maybe you could join him ?

RM: It would be a pay cut.

AMB (watching BTo sleeping): Look, you can underestimate that. (pause) You know, people tell me all the time I should take Prozac.

RM: Prozac ?

AMB: My roommate tells me all the time, when it comes out in jelly form she's gonna smear it on my crackers.

RM: Knowing you the way I do, you were about to make a point when you got lost.

AMB: Oh, yes. People are taking all kinds of drug therapies these days, and not that I'm a huge fan of happiness, but if you're gonna insist on it, wouldn't dreams be a more natural method, and couldn't it also qualify under the category of "mysterious ways" ?

RM: You're a good attorney, aren't you ?

AMB: Well I just keep thinking that if we both agree that there's a better world waiting for us, maybe some of it is locked up in her dreams.

Sounds of children playing while we see Bria sleeping.


Hospital. BTo is being put on a wheelchair. GB and AMB are with her.

GB: Easy, easy.

AMB: I'm sorry, I just think that we have a better chance with you in the room.

BTo: Oh I'll enjoy the outing.

GB: Back in two hours.

AMB: OK. I want you.

GB: I don't know if this is the time...

AMB: In court ! I want you in court in case the judge has any medical questions.

GB: Oh, OK.

AMB (to RM): You're coming, right ?

RM: Well I've already...

AMB: I need you there !

RM: Ally, I don't really support your position !

AMB: Yes you do ! (they leave)

Steam bath. NP and LW.

NP: Do you really not like sex ?

LW: It's not that I don't like it, I just think it's over-rated.

NP: Over-rated ?

LW: A lot of women don't love it, Nelle, they just find affirmation in sex, it makes them feel good about themselves. I already feel good without the mess.

NP: I like sex.

LW: With you it's different, you're emotionally inept. You like sex because you can mistake it for passion, to convince yourself you have a heart.

NP: What ?

LW: I don't like dripping myself, the steam hurts my larynx.

NP: I'm emotionally inept ?

LW: I meant it in a good way !

NP: You know what, Ling ?

LW: That was a hard L ! I'm leaving (she gets up, NP grabs her arm and pulls her down)

NP: Sit !

LW: That hurt me !

NP: I am not emotionally inaccessible, I am not a cold person !

LW: Right... people call you Sub-Zero to be facetious. Compared to you the Titanic stroke heat. (NP gets up, LW grabs her arm as NP did to her) My turn to talk. Let's be honest with each other. Neither of us wants a man to go spelunking to our emotional core ! The echo would kill him ! I like Fish and you like Cage, because we know they'll never get there. They're fun, we laugh, they pick up the check.

NP: Oh that's disgusting Ling !

LW: Come on ! John Cage ? He's a trinket ! You like him 'cause he won't force you to up your thermostat.

NP: That's not true ! And don't tell me you don't like Fish, you do.

LW: Maybe a little bit...

NP: No, a lot ! You're just afraid you'll get a wrinkle from smiling !

LW: Sideless !

Court room. AW closing.

AW: What about the depressed twenty year old who says she prefers sleep ? What about the drugs that induce great dreams, they could be part of our future. One day a happy life can all come down to a pill and a pillow.

WC: Let's deal with just this case.

AW: I am dealing with this case. Patients shouldn't be going to hospitals and asking doctors to help transport them to another mind state where the world is prettier. We have to look at the bigger picture, Your Honor.

Later, AMB pleading.

AMB: We're not asking you to rule on the big picture, we're asking you to look at one single case, her (points to BTo). She's alone, she's dying, of an insidious disease that will ultimately rob her life of any quality, not to mention dignity. And through some phenomena, she has another world available to her.

WC: Nobody's stopping her from sleeping. But you're asking me to force the hospital's hand.

AMB: Because she needs their help ! As this disease progresses, because of pain or breathing problems, her sleep patterns will be disrupted, that's already happening a little. She needs their help !

WC: Like Mister Woodson says, the precedent is set.

AMB: Why are we so fixated on precedence ?

WC (seems a little shocked by AMB's anger): Well that's just kind of the way our justice system works. Were you buffing a nail the day they taught that ?

AMB: It's silly, to apply precedent when it comes to medicine. How do you base decisions on what happened yesterday when today's technology is completely different ? All I'm hearing in this room is fear. "Don't go there", "we've never been there before", "it's dangerous". Well a couple of weeks ago, Your Honor, you said "Let people have their unicorns". Why can't they have their dreams ?

WC (to Bto): What exactly do you do in those dreams, Miss Tolson ?

BTo: Well it's not all fun, I admit, mornings are kind of crazy. I have 3 children, and by the time I get them all dressed and off to school... We're not wealthy... Make believe or not. Sometimes...

WC: Miss Tolson ?

BTo: Sometimes I have bad dreams within the dream. Recurring nightmares that I'm really old, and I'm dying of this terminal disease, and I have no family. Sometimes I think this is the dream, and the other is the real world. But this isn't the dream, is it ?

WC: No. I've been doing a little medical research myself. This is very dangerous, do you know that ? You risk infections, complications...

BTo: Oh, at this time of my life, risk doesn't frighten me Your Honor.

WC: My sources also tell me that there is nothing irreversible about this induced sleep. I'm going to grant the request and let them put her out for a week. We'll see how it goes.

AW: Your Honor ! Are you crazy ?

WC: Maybe I am. Seven days. Miss Tolson, I strongly advise you to go over all the medical consequences with your doctors before you do this.

BTo: Yes Your Honor.

WC: Other than that, I wish you sweet dreams. We're adjourned.

Cage & Fish. BT, GT and EV go down the stairs. RF is at the bottom of the stairs, in the lobby.

GT: What ?

BT: They won !

EV: They're going to put her in a coma ?

BT: For a week, trial basis.

GT: Richard ! What is with Whipper ? Unicorns, comas...

RF: She still loves me !

LW is behind them and growls. They all turn around and see her.

RF (going behind her): Like a friend !

Barry White playing. NP's office. NP at her desk. Music slows down. NP raises her head and sees JC standing there.

JC: I've been a coward. I'm willing to go for it. At the risk of being crushed like a small bug. Moreover, I'm troubled by being dumped.

NP: Ling thinks I'm attracted to you because you'll never find my defrost button.

JC (hums): I'd like to go in search of it.

NP (gets up): I think... (she moves around the desk towards him) that would be nice (she smiles).

Hospital. BTo is in her bed. AMB is sitting on the bed. GB is preparing the drip. RM is standing behind AMB.

BTo: So ? This doesn't have to be good-bye, then ?

AMB: No ! No, I'll see you in a week.

BTo: I know the church will frown on this, Robert, but will God forgive me ?

RM: Well...

AMB: She will !

RM: Give my best to your family Bria. OK ?

GB: She should start to doze off shortly.

BTo: Oh, one last thing.

GB: What's that ?

BTo: Take her to dinner.

AMB: I don't eat.

GB: She's out.

AMB gets out.

RM: Check back later, Bria. (he kisses her, to AMB) It was nice to meet you.

AMB: Oh father, thank you.

RM: I didn't do anything.

AMB: Yeah, thanks. (RM leaves, to GB) Well thanks to you too Greg, I'm sorry you lost your case... Keep me posted on how she's doing, OK ? (she starts to leave)

GB: Yeah (pause) Do you want to go to dinner ?

AMB: Are you asking me out ?

GB: I'm trying to make Bria happy. Isn't that your target ?

AMB: She's already happy. Look ! (BTo is smiling on her bed - AMB leaves)

Vonda is singing "Sweet dream, baby". AMB dances with GB; JC with NP; RR with the doll, RF with LW, GT with BT. After a while, they all line dance. Images of BTo's foot beating the rhythm, a smile on her face WC is watching her in her room at the hospital.


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