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#210 : La licorne

Nöel approche à grands pas et le cabinet travaille dur pour défendre au mieux Sheldon Maxwell, un très bon client, qui vient de se faire licencier car il prétend avoir vu une licorne dans son bureau. Billy se charge du dossier et prend Ally comme assistante car celle-ci a déjà eu la même vision par le passé ... Pendant ce temps, John essaie de croiser Nelle sous le gui pour avoir l'infime chance de l'embrasser et Elaine prépare son spectable de Nöel.


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Titre VO
Making spirits bright

Titre VF
La licorne

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John essaye de se trouver au même moment que Nelle sous le gui

John essaye de se trouver au même moment que Nelle sous le gui


Plus de détails

Réalisation : Peter MacNicol | Ecriture : David E. Kelley

Guest stars : Mark Linn-Baker (Sheldon Maxwell), Richard Timothy Jones (Matt Griffin), John De Lancie (Jackson Poile), Lara Flynn Boyle (Helen Gamble).


Scenes from last episodes.

Boston under the snow.

People carrying gifts, walking under the snow. AMB in the reflection of a window shop. Dissolve into JC looking through his office window at the snow falling.
NP (voice over): John ?
JC (turning around): Nelle. Hello ! (cut to NP, in a very glamorous black dress, at the door of JC's office)
NP: I.. I didn't finish the Peabody offer. Cant it wait till tomorrow ?
JC: Sure. You ... going bowling ?
NP: Cute. Client's Christmas party. I'll get that in the morning. (she leaves)
JC: It's fine.
Pause, then he hears "Boom boom boom, boo boo boo boom" and he follows her. Then we hear "Silent night on a upbeat. JC sees that NP is under the mistletoe, and he tries to approach NP very quietly. Every time she turns around he is closer, but taking care of plants, looking at a file, etc. When he's about to sneak up on her, she turns around, the music scratches.
NP: John !
JC (startled): Nelle.
NP: Any particular reason you're sneaking up on me like a chimp ?
JC: Well, the mistletoe...
NP: You were going to kiss me.
JC: Yes.
NP: That's sweet !
RF (coming up): Hey guys ! What's up ?
NP: I'm standing under the mistletoe, John was on his way to kiss me.
RF: Great ! (he kisses NP on the cheek) Listen, the party will start at 5, rather than 6 tomorrow, I figure who's gonna work that hour anyway...
BT (coming up to them): Richard, we got a problem, Sheldon Maxwell just got fired.
RF: What?
BT: About an hour ago, he's on his way over, he sounded pretty upset !
NP: Who's Sheldon Maxwell ?
RF: He's the lead bond trader for Tamarrac Mosley... He has a contract, they can't just fire him !
BT: He didn't say what happened.
RF: Let's bring up the deal memo, Nelle, I need you, wrongful termination, I want everybody, Biscuit ? Where's Ally ? Call Georgia, have her come up here, bring the contract...
JC stays there, playing with a bell rope, bummed that he has not kissed NP. Some flowers fall on him from the ceiling.


EV is in the lobby, on a ladder, putting lights around the elevator.

The elevator opens and AMB comes out.
AMB: I was supposed to be at Renee's Christmas party... (she gets entangled in the lights dangling from above the elevator) What the... ?!?
EV: Sheldon Maxwell. Fired.
AMB: Who's Sheldon Maxwell ?
EV: Richard's biggest client. The client that allowed Richard and John to open this firm. They're in the conference room, they want you to go right in.
AMB sighs, and starts to go, but she grabs some lights with her foot and does not realize it. The roll of lights unfolds, and she gets to the conference room... almost.

Conference room. RF, NP, GT, BT, JC, and SM.

RF: Ally ! Great. Sheldon, (the roll is out, AMB falls flat on her face) this is Ally... was... Ally McBeal.
AMB (getting up and straightening her hat): Hi !
RF: Sit. Please. (they do) We were just discussing the contract, which Nelle will come through tonight, even if it means missing her party. As I recall, they have no right to terminate without a parachute. We will all be on this...
SM (interrupting RF): Richard thank you for... this response, but I don't... I'm not sure you'll be able to...
BT: Why were you fired, Sheldon ?
SM: They think I've lost my mind. (they all look surprised and embarrassed)
JC: Have you ? (NP looks at him in bewilderment) Poughkep...Pough... Poop.
AMB: Poop ?
RF: Sheldon, did they give you a reason ?
SM: Two days ago...
BT: Everything's privileged in here, you can tell us.
SM: In my office, I saw a unicorn (AMB raises her head in amazement)
RF: A.. a unicorn ?
SM: I made the mistake of telling people.
GT: That's why they fired you, because you thought you saw a unicorn ?
SM: I did see one. I saw one about the same time last year, that time he was in my house. (GT and RF nod in sort of understanding but not really getting this sort of nod)
RF: Big unicorn, medium sized... ?
SM: Size of a small horse.
RF: Anybody here up on unicorn law ?
BT: I'll do it, and I'll take Ally (GT looks at him kind of angry and suspicious, AMB is also not very happy) We'll start first thing. John, I'd like to read on the case law on that Pinocchio kid, it might apply.
JC: What Pinocchio kid ?
BT: You had a case, a kid was sent home from school, he thought he was Pinocchio !
RF (almost whispering): That was a long time ago, and the child was John. Bygones.
AMB (laughing): You thought you were Pinocchio ?
JC: I was ten, I had a bad reaction soybeans. I'm a very honest person.
NP (bursting into laughter): Sorry.

Court House. Elevator opens.

AMB is inside. Waiting to get on the elevator is Helen Gamble - lawyer from The Practice (AMB and her do not get along very well)
AMB: Hello !
HG: Hello.
AMB (noticing she looks at her): Is there a problem ?
HG: No, just admiring your outfit.
AMB: Thank you.
HG: maybe you could eat a cookie.
AMB: Maybe we could share it !
Elevator door closes, AMB walks away.
AMB (seeing something and running to catch up): Ah ! Renee, Renee, I got to miss the party.
RR: What ?
AMB: Crisis at work, if I get out early I'll meet you there, otherwise I... I...
RR: Okay !
AMB starts running back to the elevator, and when it opens it is MG getting out. AMB looks surprised.
MG: Renee ! Hey !

In an empty court room.

RR (very upset): What are you doing ? I told you I didn't want you to call, I didn't want you to come up...
MG: I know what you told me !
RR: Then why are you here ? You have a big case starting at 8 o'clock at night ?
MG: I'm here because of you. There're many reasons to walk away, I know. There's one that won't let me. You know it too...
RR: That doesn't mean anything...
MG: Yes ! It'd be complicated. But pretending that it... What do you do ?

Cage & Fish lobby.

NP under the mistletoe again, "Silent Night" playing, JC is again trying to get to her unnoticed, and hides behind a shelf of law books. NP turns around, pulls away the books behind which he is hiding, the music scratches.
NP: John ?
JC: Nelle.
NP: Trying to kiss me again ?
JC: Well... (they almost kissed, but get interrupted by the sound of the elevator door opening. It's LW, all cheerful, accompanied by a cheerful Christmas Carol)
LW: Hi everybody ! Hi Elaine ! (to NP) We're a little late. Hi John !
NP: I'll grab my coat. (she goes)
LW (to AMB walking up): Ally, how are you ? Merry Christmas !
AMB: Merry Christmas ? What's the catch ? (music scratches)
LW: A person can't be in the Christmas spirit ?
RF (coming up to them): Ling ! (JC is helping NP to put her coat on)
LW: Richard, hi sweetie ! (she kisses him) Can't you come with me and Nelle, I'll be so lonely without you... Billy, Georgia, good to see you ! (BT and GT look puzzled)
NP: OK, let's go ! (she turns around, JC tries to kiss her but bumps into LW, his hands over her breasts)
LW (screaming): Hah ! He touched me !
JC (embarrassed): I meant to kiss Nelle...
LW: Ouh...
RF: Ling !
LW: You all saw it, he just assaulted my left breast ! It's gone numb...
NP: Ling ! Mistletoe ! Maybe he was trying to give you a Christmas kiss... ?
LW (all cheerful again): Oh ! Merry Christmas John ! (she kisses him on the cheek) To you and all of yours ! (LW holds NP with one hand and RF with the other, and she is dangling hr arms -soon all 4 of them hold hands ad almost circle around)
JC: Thank you.

Conference room. BT and AMB working on SM's case with loads of books on the table.

BT: Maybe if he retracted.
AMB: Too many people heard him say he saw it, our case has to be it isn't relevant.
BT: Umm, I don't like that as a strategy...
RF (coming in the conference room): Ally, Billy, I don't want to lose this one !
BT: Richard...
RF: His job is everything to him, the guy has no real family, he counts me among his friends, what does that tell you... I mean, he's been good to me, I want him taken care of. This job, it's everything to him, that's all he has.
AMB: That and unicorns.

AMB and RR flat

AMB is coming home. TV is on. She walks through the living room and goes to RR's bedroom where she finds MG and RR in bed together. She screams.
AMB: Ah ! Ah ! Sorry ! (she closes back the door and leaves)
Cut to morning. AMB and RR in their kitchen. AMB grabs a toast out of the toaster and burns herself. RR is cutting a banana into her cereals. The toast is burned.
RR: It just...
AMB: Happened ! Those things happen, you know what, they happen to me sometimes, although I can't remember the last time... But I know it's nothing to be ashamed of. Study shows that when two people attracted to each other take off their clothes and get into bed naked things can just happen ! (AMB scraps her burned toast) What about his wife ?
RR: He says it's basically over. But... (AMB resumes her scrapping


Cage & Fish lobby. RF catches up with BT.

RF: We got Whipper.
BT: What ?
RF: On Sheldon's case, this is great, she probably saw a few unicorns herself.
BT: Where is Ally ?
EV (shows up in front of them, wearing protection glasses and starting a power drill) : She'll meet you there. (BT leaves)
RF (noticing what EV is working on): Elaine ! There's a stage, why do we need a stage at our Christmas party ?
EV: Aren't they gonna be numbers ?
RF: We do that at the bar ! But since we're having the party here...
EV: Well, I have a number. And everyone will be so disappointed if you don't ! We've got an office pool going about whether or not you can actually hit a note. (she puts down her protection glasses, bends over and starts drilling the stage)

Court House. Court room where SM's case is up.

BT and Attorney Henry Nixon in front of Judge WC. They keep interrupting each other.
BT: It doesn't affect his job !
HN: But it could !
BT: Then why not wait till then before making any...
HN: And then face a giant law suit from all his investors who lost money...
BT: The man has worked for nine years with an impeccable record...
HN: He runs accounts totaling almost three hundred million dollars. What if he starts trading on tip from this beast ?
BT: That isn't gonna happen.
WC: Oh but mister Nixon has a point ! Suppose there's a crash. If I lost all my money and I found out it was in the hands of someone who suffers from delusion...
HN: And the broker house knew of those delusions...
BT: They have no knowledge of any malfeasance or incompetence.
AMB (getting up): Your Honor, when I was in nine years old I was elected President of my third grade.
WC: That's not the same thing, Counsel. Third graders casting crazy votes is not the same thing as an adult seeing unicorns.
AMB: That was not my point.
WC: Oh, then what was it ?
AMB: My point was, I was a great President ! I was organized, I was efficient, I was the best president ever. The principal told me.
HN: Is that your point ?
AMB: No, my point is I still believed in Santa Claus. I was the only one who did, and other than a few trust problems with my parents, there were no consequences ! It did not affect my ability to function as a President.
HN (sarcastically): What a delightful little analogy !
AMB imagining her arm to extend very long and punching him in the face, after which he drops down.
WC: All right. I want to conduct a short evidentiary hearing and then I'll rule. Mister Maxwell you go first, then Mister Poile.
AMB sits back, with a smile.

Court House corridor.

MG: Hou, hey !
RR (embarrassed): Matt! Hey !
MG: Umm... (they go in a room) Bet you thought that was it, umm ? Got what I want, won't be calling for a while, cause that was just physical. I don't really love you... You thought that, right ? (he kisses her passionately, and she kisses him back)

JC's office. JC behind his desk, looking at a fountain, RF in front of him.

RF: You're afraid to kiss her.
JC: No, I'm not afraid, I'm just...
RF: Afraid ! If you still haven't kissed her, you...
JC: We kissed !
RF: So what's the problem ?
JC: The problem is, it's always been her move. I want it to be my move.
RF: John, your move is in the Yellow Pages under Escort Services...
JC (getting up): Could you just leave ?
RF (getting up as well): You're the one who asked me in here !
JC: To help ! Not to disparage me.
RF: All right, look. She's just a woman. You're intimated by her beauty, the long legs, the incredible hair, the porcelain face... That's probably it !
JC: What ?
RF: The porcelain ! She reminds you of your toilet (he grabs the piece of broken toilet on JC's desk, smells it)
JC: Perhaps you should leave. (RF starts to go still holding the piece of toilet) Richard !
RF (stopping and realizing): Oh ! (he gives it back and leaves


Court room. SM is testifying, BT examining.

BT: You saw a unicorn standing right there in your office.
SM: Yes sir.
BT: And you did what ?
SM: I asked others if they could see it.
BT: And ?
SM: Nobody else could.
BT: So, it was a hallucination !
SM: I didn't say that.
BT: Well, if nobody else could see it...
SM: That only means they couldn't see it.
Cut to later. Attorney is cross-examining. We see SM rubbing his hands together out of nervousness.
HN: It's a pretty high-pressure job, isn't it mister Maxwell ?
SM: Yes, it is.
HN: Take a lot of concentration and focus, I would think.
SM: It does.
HN: Don't you get distracted when a unicorn canters by ?
SM: I didn't do anything rash after seeing it, mister Nixon, and I would never rely on a unicorn for investment advice.
HN: The world market changes in an instant. What if the yen collapses and you're preoccupied with a little horn ?
SM: Please don't insult my intelligence, mister Nixon !
HN: This has nothing to do with your intelligence, I'm questioning your mental stability ! You see unicorns, mister Maxwell !
SM: And that is the only reason they're firing me ! Nothing to do with what I did, only with something I saw.
HN: But there's no guarantee that a person who has such visions won't do something erratic !
SM: Would you ever get that guarantee ?
HN: Ever suffered from depression, mister Maxwell ?
SM (taken aback - pause - AMB and BT look worried): In the past.
HN: But you actually did seek medical attention, am I right sir ?
SM: Briefly.
HN: Did you tell you doctor you saw unicorns ?
SM: Yes. He diagnosed me as lucky.

Cage & Fish. BT and AMB coming back, entering AMB's office.

AMB: I actually think he did OK.
BT: He sounded OK, but at the end of the day he's a man who sees things. (he closes the door behind him)
AMB: Why did you close the door ?
BT: Cause it was open. Do you know why I wanted you in this case ?
AMB (playfully): Cause... I'm a good lawyer ?
BT: That isn't it.
AMB: Cause you're leaving Georgia ? (AMB imagines her head growing bigger and bigger, putting a needle through it and her entire body flowing across the room, losing air like a balloon)
BT: I remember.
AMB: You remember what ?
BT: When we were seven years old, you saw one.
AMB: Saw what ?
BT: A unicorn, in your living room. You told me.
AMB: I never... Oh, oh, right, that was just probably one of my fantasies. (cut to AMB at seven, reading a book on the floor of her living room)
BT: No, I remember asking you pretend, and you said it was real. (there is a bright bluish light upon AMB - still seven - who raises her head - you see the shadow of a unicorn over her) You still think it was real ?
AMB: Real ? (cut back to present) Come on Billy, how could it be real ?
BT: But do you think it could have been ?
AMB: I've learned to know that that's impossible.
BT: Maybe I should put you on the stand.
AMB: To say what ?
BT: To say you saw one. You could be evidence of a person who saw a unicorn but who's nevertheless not crazy.
AMB: But people think I am crazy. (after a pause) You really remember ?
BT: What ?
AMB: The day I saw a unicorn ?
BT: Ally I remember everything. Was it real ? (she smiles)

Cut to a restaurant. MG and RR.

MG: We basically live apart in the same house.
RR: Why don't you leave ?
MG: I will, I'm... I'm afraid of destroying her, and around Christmas, you know...
RR: Matt ! I'm not gonna pretend to be too clear-headed. If I was seeing straight you wouldn't have been in my bed last night. But we're sitting at a bar, talking like you and I have a future. That future isn't gonna happen, it isn't gonna begin to happen as long as you're living with your wife. I'm not gonna do that to her... I won't do it to me.
MG: All I need is a little time.
RR: How much time ? I don't mean to sound cruel... I'm just protecting myself.
MG: She is... umm... she's four months pregnant.
RR doesn't believe it, she gets up and leaves without a word.

RR is outside the bar, the street is sunny. AMB comes up round the corner (wearing seventies like sunglasses !)

AMB: Renee ! (comes up to her) Hey !
RR (sadly): Hey !
AMB: What's wrong ?
RR: I gotta get back.
AMB: Renee ?
RR: Later. (she leaves - AMB watches her go


Empty court room. RR is sitting at a table. AMB is coming in and sits down next to her.

RR (once AMB is sited): His wife is pregnant.
AMB: Well, for it to be a problem... You two are together.
RR: I don't know. He says they're pretty much separated, but...
AMB: Tell me what you need. Advice, support ?
RR: I know your advice. He knew me before I was tough, Ally ! He knew me then, he knew me... weak.
AMB: You're weak now.
RR: Yeah, and he's the only one who could know.
AMB: I know !
RR: I'm not attracted to you ! (they both giggle)
AMB: I'm afraid you'll get hurt.
RR: Me too.

AMB's office. AMB is wrapping a gift. BT sitting on her desk.

AMB: I wish I could help her, but Renee, when she's hurt, that's when she puts on the most armor.
BT: Is it the worst thing in the world for her to be with this guy ?
AMB: Billy, he's married. (notices BT looking at her like he can't believe her) What ?
BT: I still can't figure you out. On the one hand, you reject the world of absolutes, on the other hand, you live by them.
AMB: Some absolutes I live by.
BT: And I by.
AMB: What's your point ?
BT: I don't know.

Court room. Unicorn case. Jackson Poile testifying. Attorney Henry Nixon is examining him.

JP: Our liability exposure would be through the roof. If we had reason to know of any mental unfitness and we ignored it ?
HN: But these unicorn sightings haven't affected his work, let's be fair.
JP: Yes, but let's also be fair to our investors. Are we to wait for the dementia to finally cause the catastrophe ?
Cut to later. BT is cross-examining Jackson Poile.
BT: is that how you define dementia ? Believe in unicorns ?
JP: Well, I'd certainly call it a symptom.
BT: Sir, are you a Catholic ?
JP: Yes, and I'm dying to know the relevance of that.
BT: Do you agree with the Bible that one day we'll see the second coming of Christ ?
JP: He didn't see Jesus, Mister Thomas. He saw a white horse, with a twisted horn, sticking out of its head.
BT: Well then suppose instead of the white horse, he came to you and said he saw Jesus. Would that make a difference to you, he'd still keep his job ?
JP: Probably not, I'd have problems with that too.
BT: So basically the New Testament, Christ coming back, bunk.
JP: Look, there's a difference between Jesus and a unicorn.
BT: But if he came to you and said he saw Jesus, he'd lose his job, that's your testimony !
JP: I don't know.
BT: Did you know, that according to the legend and history of the unicorn, it is a common symbol of Christ !
WC: Counsel, is this where you're going, your client saw God ?
BT: Where I'm going is, this man perhaps saw an apparition, it is not ground for termination !
JP: Your client, is in some kind of crisis, mid-life...
BT: And you diagnosed this ?
JP: I don't have to ! He's seeing mythical creatures ! He's on the verge ! Do I have to wait until he drops over ?

Room in court for attorneys and clients.

SM is sitting there alone, AMB comes in.
AMB: Oh, so Billy's talking to Nixon and there might be some movement... Would you accept any kind of lesser role at the company ?
SM: Lesser role ?
AMB: Research ?
SM: No no no.
AMB: Well the only other alternative will be for you to admit that it was a hallucination. I know this judge, and I think that she'll rule in your favor if you... You need to say that it probably wasn't real.
SM: I need to believe it was.
AMB: Umm.
SM: When did you see one ?
AMB (very surprised): Excuse me ?
SM: A unicorn. You've seen one, haven't you ?
AMB: Did Billy tell you that ?
SM: No.
AMB (sits down): When I was very little. How could... how could you ?
SM: I just could. You know, the people who see them share some of the unicorn's traits.
AMB: Such as ?
SM: They're lonely. With virtuous hearts.
AMB: I petted him.
SM: You petted it ?
AMB: Yeah ! (flashback of AMB at 7, petting the unicorn, over-imposed over AMB as she talks) I walked right up to him. He had silvery white hair, and it was soft. He was magic ! And he let me pet him. (end of over-imposition)
SM: You know as the legend goes, they can only be approached by a person of pure spirit.
AMB: Well, lucky he showed up when I was seven !
SM: Did you touch his horn ? His horn... it's his power, it protects against... everything, and it can lead you to love. I didn't get close to him.
AMB: Oh, well maybe you'll have another chance some day !
SM: Not if I stop believing.

Cage & Fish lobby. Vonda in the background singing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas".

LW gets out of the elevator, giving out gifts as she walks by people. The music scratches as she approaches EV's desk, where EV and GT are standing. She hands them both gifts.
LW: I'd plum the cackles of your hearts if you had any.
GT: Ling, it's not that we don't appreciate your good will.
EV: We just don't believe it. (LW leaves)
NP (coming over): Perhaps you could give her a break. She's just trying to reach out to the less fortunate ! (she leaves)
EV (trying to listen to her gift): I think mine's ticking !

Boston street. AMB and RR above underground steam, giggling like school girls. They go away from the steam, and AMB stops in front of a window showing flannels pajamas.

AMB: Oh, oh look at those there. Imagine being inside of those !
RR: Happiness is just a pair of flannels pajamas to you, isn't it ?
AMB: No ! Happiness is getting into bed with anything that makes you warm and snuggle, I just now settle for pajamas. (RR's beeper comes on)
RR: This is bad ! You cheering me up !
AMB: Oh come on Renee, nobody's supposed to be happy, it's Christmas !
RR (looking at her beeper): My secretary says he's called 6 times in the last 2 hours. (AMB takes the beeper and smiles faintly


Court room. Unicorn case. Closings.

HN: If a surgeon's hand starts to shake, they can't wait until he kills a patient before they take away the scalpel ! This man's mental acuity, his decision making ability (SM holds a pen to his forehead like the horn of a unicorn - WC sees it, so does AMB who takes away the pen) is vital to his job performance ! This company deals with millions of dollars, life savings of many of its investors ! They're not just entitled to take him from the game, they had a duty to ! A fiduciary duty to their shareholders who put their trust in Tamarrac Mosley !
Cut to later. BT's closing.
BT: The bottom line. This man's being fired not because of anything he did, but because of his belief in something super natural.
WC: Because he says he saw it !
BT: And maybe he did.
WC: Then how would you explain nobody else seeing it ?
BT: Why should I have to explain it ? In a week or so, we'll all wake up to celebrate a virgin birth, a super natural miracle. Can I explain that ? There's a world full of Christians who claim to believe in the second coming, but God forbid you say it aloud too often, and if you're the one to claim to see Jesus, like Mister Poile here says, there goes your job !
WC: Now this isn't about religion, this is about a man...
BT: My client sees something nobody else saw, and the automatic presumption that if it can't be seen, it's not there, it isn't real. Well, you know what, I think we all have a problem. Personally I think he hallucinated. He was depressed. It was Christmas time. A unicorn is a lonely, solitary creature that symbolizes hope, and I would think of all the hallucinations, Your Honor, hope would have to be one of the better ones, and as long as he isn't hurting anyone, and he isn't, who are we to say where he can look for that hope, who are we to say what he's allowed to see ? We all want to be happy. Different people get there different ways. (to JP) So you can never see unicorns. Good for you, or maybe not.

Cage & Fish. EV is rehearsing with JC.

EV: And two three four go !
JC (singing): I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only hippopotamus will do, don't want a doll, a dinky tinky toy, (EV is putting some sort of Christmas suit in front of him) I'm sorry Elaine, this isn't organic ! (he leaves)
EV (following him down the stairs): You're doing very good ! Come on John, try it one more time ! Christmas !
JC: (singing) Only hippopotamus will (EV joins in) do ouh ouh. (alone again, not singing) No Elaine, I'm sorry, you'll just have to find somebody else.
EV (singing alone): I can see me now on Christmas morning, creeping down the stairs...
RF (at the bottom of the stairs - BT coming down, passing EV. to EV): Good good.. (to BT) How did it go ?
BT: I gave it my best shot, Whipper said she'd rule today.
EV (continues to come down the stairs): No crocodile, or rhinoceroses, or Hippopotamus...
BT: Richard !
RF: She gets one number I promise !

AMB and RR's place. RR in front of the tree. She hears "Tell him" and starts to dance. AMB comes in.

RR: Hi !
AMB: Hi ! What are you doing ?
RR: I'm trying your theme song. You said it worked. I can hear it ! This is good !
AMB: Do you, you.. You can ?
RR: Yeah ! Join in ?
AMB: Sure ! (they both dance) You see, you feel better ?
RR: I think !
AMB: We should do this ever single day !
RR: I know ! It's... (hears the music scratches and sits down) Who am I kidding ? I just need you to keep telling me not to go near him, just keep pounding me with common sense, that's what I need you to do.
AMB: Renee, common sense is killing us ! We keep saying all we want is love, and we keep applying all these rules on how we want it to come along !
RR: What are you saying ?
AMB: I don't know ! It's not that I don't still have all the answers, it's... maybe not all of them are accurate. I mean, what you said about him knowing you when you were weak ? You don't open up to people, Renee, even me ! Your best friend ! Whenever I ask you if you're OK, you say you're fine ! Always. And unless there's visible wreckage I can't tell, you don't open up !
RR: Well, that's just how I am.
AMB: Well, eventually that will get you ! And Matt, if he gets in there, you should be with him.

Cage & Fish, "Jingle Bells".

JC is still trying to get to kiss NP. She is across the lobby, talking to GT. JC gets on a chair, rolls all the way across the room, and just when he gets there, GT and NP swap places (moving away), and JC ends up kissing GT. The music scratches.
GT: John !
JC: Poughkep... Poughkep... Podiatrist ! (he leaves)
NP says nothing but points the mistletoe to GT.

RR and AMB in their place. RR is lighting a candle.

AMB: I'm gonna head out. See you there ?
RR: Maybe. We might show, we...
AMB: You might not make it out the door !
RR: We might just go to dinner ! Thank you !
AMB (her beeper goes on): Oh ! Whipper calls. I'll see you.
RR: Ally ? You really think that... Matt and I ?
AMB: I don't know. Part of me does think it's a crazy idea... I... (she leaves)

Cut to court room.

WC: But who am I to decide crazy ? We live in a time where people just seem to be more... (almost whisper the word) empty. And despite what I read, it can't all be about economy. There're a lot of lonely people out there who do need hope. Who might need to look for it in strange places. Believe it or not, it's not just around Christmas. So I think... I think I'm gonna let them keep their unicorns. Discharge is unlawful, plaintiff's motion for a TRO is granted. You're adjourned.
SM (getting up with AMB and BT): Thank you ! Both of you !
BT: The next time you'll see one...
SM: Don't worry, I'll be keeping it to myself.
BT: It'd be a good idea !
SM: thank you Ally. And to you.
AMB: Thank you Sheldon.
SM: You're a... (puts a finger on his head like a horn) good spirit. (she makes the same gesture


Cage & Fish, Christmas party. EV is singing "Run run Rudolf". LW, GT and NP dancing. AMB and BT get punch.

AMB: I have to admit Billy, I thought that whimsy inside of you had gone dead ! I haven't seen it in a while.
BT: What whimsy ?
AMB: Santa Claus, unicorns, believing in things you can't see...
BT: I was just arguing a case, Ally.
AMB: Right ! (after a pause) I miss you more at Christmas... Don't say anything back ! It will hurt either me or Georgia, either way, I'll get angry ! (she leaves)

Cut back to the stage.

EV whips a whip, and RF and JC appear, wearing red noses of reindeers, with bell neck braces, red vests, hopping around like reindeers, doing a little dance. She whips them out of the stage.

AMB's office. She is looking at the window where snow is falling. BT comes and sits next to her.

AMB: Hi !
BT: It was you who made me believe in things I couldn't see. Some was... bad.
AMB: Well, it's probably... it can be dangerous. I sometimes get attached to things that aren't there, and then that can be...
BT: Dangerous ?
AMB: Yeah !
BT (smiling): You remember that Christmas Eve I sneaked into your house and your Dad had caught me stuffing your stocking ?
AMB (smiling too): Yeah ! You do remember everything, don't you ?
BT (leans over to kiss her and pulls up mistletoe behind her back. She looks at him funny when he's done, so he looks up) : Mistletoe.
AMB (looking up and seeing what he did): Umm.
BT: Merry Christmas, Ally.
AMB: You too. (he leaves)

RR and AMB. RR, with a gift in her hand, sits on the piano, obviously frustrated that MG is late. Knock on the door. She runs to it.

MG: Sorry !
RR: Everything OK ?
MG: I had some trouble getting out of... Anyway.
RR: Matt ! Are you two basically separated or not ?
MG: It's not easy, Renee, it's going to take a while.
RR (getting her coat): OK, ready !
MG: I thought we might hang out here. Instead of going to some party.
RR: Some party. In public. Does your wife know where you are right now, Matt ?
MG: This isn't an easy thing.
RR: I think I'm gonna get off while I can.
MG: Renee !
RR: This might be a mistake, but it's the only one I'm ready to make.
MG: Can we sit somewhere, talk ?
RR: No !
MG: If you'd just understand what...
RR (on the verge of tears): You don't want to destroy her, I get it, I admire it, but I'm not gonna let you destroy me ! (she opens the door) No hard feelings. Promise.
MG (producing a gift from his pocket): Merry Christmas (they exchange gifts)

RR: Yeah, you too. (she lets him kiss her on the cheek and closes the door)

Cage & Fish, LW and RF waiting for the elevator. RF tries to hug LW who gets away.

RF: What ?
LW: I have a thing about sweat, even my own. I danced too hard tonight. (RF hug her anyway)
RF: Be a bird, Ling !
BT, GT and AMB coming over.
BT: Great party Richard !
GT (to AMB): What happened to Renee ?
AMB: Umm, she and Matt chestnuts, open fire...
GT: Drive you home ?
AMB: No thanks, I think I'm gonna walk. (as EV comes over) Oh, Elaine, as usual (she claps)
EV: Thank you ! I gave like a little drummer girl, didn't I ?
AMB: Oh, yeah !
They all get on except AMB - NP comes over - AMB leaves. JC is still trying to get to kiss NP. Jingle Bells is playing. At the last moment, his nose whistles, and NP turns around.
NP: John !
JC: Nelle !
NP: Nice party !
JC: Very nice...
NP: You were going to kiss me. Thought it would be your move, It won't be your move, John, it'll be my move. Will that be OK with you ?
JC: Poughkep.. (she kisses him - Elevator opens - AMB comes back with her coat on) Ally, we'll be leaving... now ! (as NP pulls him into the elevator)
NP: Merry Christmas !
AMB: You too !
As she prepares to leave, she sees a unicorn.
AMB: Hey you ! (she approaches it and pets it) You have a Merry Christmas, OK ? Don't be a stranger ! (she kisses it and leaves, without touching the horn).
While the song plays, shots of WC reading a book about unicorns, LW and RF walking down the street, RR hanging up stockings above their fireplace, AMB walking and taking picture for a couple, BT and GT walking in the street, (at some points AMB and GT/BT's reflections in the same window), EV walking alone, listening to carol singers, happy under the snow, AMB walking alone.

End credits.

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