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#216 : Sexe, mensonges et politique

John et Ling défendent une librairie, fermée à cause des déclarations du sénateur Watkins. Ally et Billy sont rongés par la culpabilité depuis qu'ils se sont embrassés, Billy finit par en parler à Georgia.


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Titre VO
Sex, lies end politics

Titre VF
Sexe, mensonges et politique

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Réalisation : Arlene Sanford | Ecriture : David E. Kelley

Guest starsZach Grenier  (Attorney Benson), Peter White (Sénateur Harold Watkins), Linda Gehringer (Shirley Peterson), Albert Hall (Jude Seymore Walsh), Harrison Page (Reverend Mark Newman), Jennifer Holliday (Lisa Knowles), Jesse L. Martin (Greg Butters).


Scenes from last episodes.

Boston, morning. AMB and RR are walking in the street.

AMB: I actually feel OK ! At least about life with Billy. I mean, without him ! I mean I actually feel excellent, I'm glad...
WB#1: Liar !
AMB stops walking.
RR: What ?
AMB: Umm, nothing.
WB#2: Trash !
RR: What's the matter ?
AMB: That, that man, he... (sees people pointing at her from the other side of the street) Are those people over there pointing at me ?
RR: No. (they start walking again)
Pope (walking by): Mella donna, mella donna...
AMB: And the pope didn't just walk by, right ?
RR: No. (stops walking) Ally, maybe you should have a little session with Tracy. Over the guilt.
AMB: Tracy makes me feel guilty for having guilt !
RR: It's OK to feel a little shame. But let's get over it now ! It's done !
A dog comes along and pees on AMB's boot.
AMB: Did a dog just peed along my foot ?
RR: I'm afraid that's real.

Opening credits.

Conference room, Cage & Fish. Morning meeting.

RF: Second up ? (AMB comes in) Ally great, you'll wheel house, John, Flattery thinks his wife is cheating on him, he wants to...
AMB (angry): Who says it's my wheel house ? (they all look at her surprised)
RF: Civil rights, she's paraplegic, he wants to put a low jack on her wheelchair, see where she goes, check to see if it's legal; John, where do we stand on Patterson ?
JC (eating a bagel): Basically settled, we're just working out the payment schedule.
NP: They settled ?
JC: Five hundred thousand. (we start hearing a heat beat, evidently AMB is the only one hearing it in the room) Surprised myself.
NP: The senator ? He's going to pay ?
JC: Evidently he must want to avoid the publicity of a trial.
NP: That's amazing ! (AMB sees that it's Georgia's head that acts like a pumping balloon for oxygen in medical yards, at the rhythm of the heart beat she hears)
RF: Yes it is ! Moving on, Kittering versus Pyle, Billy Alan Thomas ?
BT: We'll start first thing, John, I'd like you to...
AMB (jumping to her feet): Excuse me, I, I, I'm gonna get right on that low jack case ! (she leaves)
LW (to NP): I know I haven't been here long, but I'm beginning to think she's a little more weird that the strange little man... (JC does his therapy smile)
EV (coming in): John, the gentleman's here for your settlement conference. (JC leaves, still smiling)
LW (to NP): I take it back...

JC's office door. JC and Attorney come in.

JC: I'm not opposed to structuring over six months, but I'd like the balloon to come up front.
PB: Ah, yes, actually we've decided to modify our offer just a bit.
JC: Modify it ? How ?
PB: Instead of the five hundred and twenty thousand, we're offering nothing.
JC: Is that meant to be funny ?
PB: The senator had a change of heart, and... conscience.
JC: We had a deal !
PB: We never closed it ! So, I guess we go to trial. (he starts to leave)
JC: Mister Benson ! We had a deal !
PB: What can I tell you, the deal is off ! We'd better get going, we're due in court.

Cage & Fish lobby. EV and AMB at EV's desk.

EV: I have Greg Butters on three, are we keeping him on hold ?
AMB: Oh, tell him I'll call him right back.
EV: In this lifetime ?
AMB: Elaine...
BT: Ally ? (he grabs her and shoves her into her office and slams the door)
AMB: Please don't grab my elbow like it's something that belongs to you !
BT: Ally, I think we should talk.
AMB: Billy, the only thing we need to talk about is, is, is whether we tell Georgia.
BT: Tell her what ?
AMB: Her head is about to explode and the Pope is stocking me !
BT: Telling Georgia is not...
JC (after knocking and opening the door): Billy ?
BT: John I need a second !
JC: Take it later, in the conference room, now ! You too Ally.

Conference room.

JC: They led me to believe we were settling so I'll be less likely to prepare, and I'm embarrassed to admit, it worked. Trial is scheduled to begin today, and I've got nothing !
RF: Can't you get one of those continued do pity things ? (GT's head starts pumping again)
JC: The judge marked the case "no further continue do pity" case, but I'm glad to see the wheel's spinning, Richard, you'll be going in with me; the rest of you I'm putting on crash discovery.
AMB: What is this case about, and Georgia could you please turn your head down ?
GT: Excuse me ? (head stops)
AMB: Nothing, kidding, bygones, poughkep poughkep.. poop.
JC: State Senator Harold Watkins liable Shirley Patterson and her bookstore as a place of disrepute, caused her to go bankrupt.
NP: You're going into a liable case unprepared ?
JC: I have no choice, and thanks for that lightning bolt of confidence. Billy, Ally, Georgia, the defamatory remarks from the television spots, I want you to chase down the people who worked on the campaign, they were just guns for hire, they might talk. Elaine has the file, the lists, in the meantime I'll try to push up the trial. Richard, let's go.

Court room. Bookstore case. PB and JC in front of the judge (Seymore Walsh).

SW: Forget it !
JC: These people deliberately misled me ! With an offer they had not intention of honoring !
SW: I don't care ! I told you last time in here that's it ! You're either ready for trial, or I hand a judgment for the defendant.
JC: This kind of bad faith, from a state senator no less...
SW: Ready for trial, or he wins.
JC: I object, I object, I object !
SW: I am not impressed by trilogy mister Cage. Ready for trial, or he wins. (long pause)
JC: Ready for trial.
SW: We're in panel now, begin after lunch.
PB: Your Honor, since this figures to be a short trial with a potential for a lot of publicity, I'd like the jury sequestered.
JC: Well, I oppose. Juries tend to punish the ones bringing in the suit when they're sequestered.
SW: I tend to agree with mister Benson, we don't want...
RF (interrupting and standing up): Your Honor, if you don't let these people watch the news, they'll only know what they hear in here, what chance does the truth have then ?

Cage & Fish. RF and JC get out of the elevator.

JC: That didn't help !
RF: I was only trying to...
JC: You're off the case ! Ling ? I need you immediately, you're second chairing.
LW: What ?
RF: I can do it...
JC: I need her and I don't want three, we need to look the underdog.
LW: I'm not a litigator !
JC: In this case you are ! (he leaves)
LW: I knew this would happen if I took a job here ! You'd all make me work ! (she leaves and crosses AMB going through a file at EV's desk - she's angry !) Don't even say hi to me !
EV (coming to AMB at EV's desk): Your office.
AMB: Who ?
EV: Greg.
AMB: Oh...

AMB's office.

GB: You don't take my calls, you don't call me... I don't like playing games, Ally !
AMB: Neither do I.
AMB and GB are sitting.
GB: What's going on ? And I wanna know the truth.
AMB: Truth ? OK, Greg, I'm gonna give you the truth. For a couple of days... there was somebody else. Somebody I even kissed. It was a mistake, and it's over, but for two days there... was somebody else.
GB (stand up): I should go. (leaving)
AMB: Greg, don't walk out, let's talk about it, we need to talk about it !
GB: I need to talk about this later ! (he bumps into BT going out of AMB's office)
BT: So, what was that about ?
AMB: Take a guess !
BT: What did you tell him ?
AMB: That we kissed, and clutched, and that I couldn't remember whether we made love or not on the account of your member microscopic penis.
BT: So you're still angry at me...
AMB: I'm over my anger, Billy, I'm over everything. (hears the heart beat again) My struggle goes to you know what !
BT: I've been meeting with a counselor, he says I shouldn't tell her.
AMB: So does Tracy, not telling her is the right thing to do. (pause, BT starts to leave) So why does it feel so wrong ? (BT leaves and she still hears the heart beat - she says the following to the ceiling) Stop it ! You are not gonna guilt me, I'll just, I'll just... dance ! To the beat ! (she starts moving her hips to the rhythm of the heart beat) See ? This is music to me ! This is music to my ears. (NP is at the door, AMB doesn't see her yet) My conscience just tells me to dance ! (she sees NP and heart beat scratches


Cut to later. AMB at her desk.

AMB: I understand you worked on the senator's campaign, and if I could just meet with you, it would be in complete confidence, I promise... (we hear the hung up on the other line) You big dick !
GT (coming into the office, laughing): Any luck ?
AMB: I have spoken to everyone who's worked on the campaign, at least... (hears the heart beat again) as independent contractors...
GT: I'm working on anybody's fired.
AMB: Nothing ?
GT: Not yet. Gonna keep going down the list. You OK ?
AMB: Yeah... (she leaves and goes into the lobby. She crosses people who say Hi and smile, she hears the song "Shake a Tail Feather" performed by Jennifer Holiday and finally finds refuge in the unisex).

Court room. Senator's case. Shirley Patterson is at the stand.

SW: Mister Cage ?
JC: Miss Patterson, how long did you work at the store ?
SP: Seven years.
JC: And you also sold CDs and cassettes ?
SP: Yes, it was music and books.
JC: You were doing well, financially ?
SP: We were doing quite well, sales were growing every quarter.
LW (standing up): Objection ! Your Honor, I'm bored ! As an officer of the court, I have a duty to be open and forthright. I think the witness is tedious ! I'm concerned for the jury's attention span.
SW: Yes, yes, and thank you for livening things up ! (LW sits back down)
JC (looking distraught at LW's intervention): At some point, your business suffered ?
SP: Yes, last September. That man, while running for State Senator, accused our store of dealing in pornography. He basically campaigned against us, saying we were an assault on American values. Soon we were picketed. We began to lose our book signing events, which are vital. Now... well, we're going out of business.
LW (getting back up again): And for all that you blame him ? I'm sorry Your Honor, I was assigned to this, I'm learning about it as we go along. It seems ridiculous ! As an officer of the Court, I...
PB: What is going on here ?
SW: Miss Woo, please sit. (LW does so)
JC (still very distraught): Well, she asked the question. And all because of him ?
SP: Yes ! Because of him ! His whole campaign centered on values, family, and he singled my store out ! Because we were on Beacon Hill, it gave him the perfect hook ! "Look at the smug shop, two blocks away from the Capitol" ! It was a nifty little political toy ! Problem was, it killed us ! And he put me and a lot of other honest hard-working people into unemployment.

Later, court corridor. JC and LW going out of the court, getting into an elevator. They're walking fast. Inside the elevator, they're alone.

LW: Is that what you wanted ?
JC: Exactly.
LW: Same thing over the cross ?
JC: With a small adjustment...

Restaurant. GB and AMB.

GB: I have a hard time understanding, that's all.
AMB: I'm not asking you to understand, I am telling you what is... or was. And as much guilt as I feel over this kiss it was something that I had to go through.
GB: Hey, Ally, if you're about to break into "I gotta be me", I walk away from this table and you right now.
AMB: That's not what I was about to do.
GB: Good ! Cause I don't care what stage you and I are at, and whatever you think we're at, we are past the stage of you kissing someone else, and if you don't feel the need to apologize to me, then we can be done right now !
AMB: I apologize.
GB: I understand you may be emotionally neurotic, I might even tolerate it. But do me a favor ? Don't celebrate it !

Court corridor. AMB and RR sitting on a bench.

RR: And that's where you left it ?
AMB: Yeah.
RR: So ?
AMB: I don't know, we'll take a day, maybe go from there.
RR: Ally ? How do you feel about him ? Do you even wanna go from here ?
AMB: I don't know. (Daydream)

Guy talking to the press: Obviously she feels remorse, she's embarrassed ! But she didn't lie to Georgia, she just didn't volunteer information. (press goes wild with questions.
<End of fantasy>
AMB (grabbing her head, out of the daydream): I swear Renee, it's like everybody knows ! The whole world is looking at me like I am.. I am this disgusting cheating thing !
RR: And this couldn't possibly be your imagination ?
AMB: Would you go to church with me tonight ?
RR: Church ?
AMB: I just wanna sit in a big room of forgiveness where everybody is saying Amen.
RR: All this over a kiss ?
AMB: Kiss I'm over. The lie... Every time I see Georgia the lie lives.

Court room. PB is cross-examining SP.

PB: Miss Patterson, your store did sell books with nudity, pictures of copulation. You did sell books graphically describing sex acts.
SP: Photographs by Herb Britts ! Books written by John Irving, Balzac !
PB: Redeeming social value, yes. Yes, but isn't that a subjective thing ?
SP: Of course it is, which means people should get to make up their own minds !
PB: And isn't Senator Watkins one of the people who's entitled to their own opinion ?
SP: There's a difference between having an opinion and buying 30-second spots to go on television labeling me a pornographer !
PB: So it's all right to think something just as long as you don't voice it too loudly ?
SP: He saddled me up to raise funding from right wing constituents !
LW (standing up): Objection ! Every politician lies to get money ! Now he's... (JC takes her down)
SW: Miss Woo, the Court is going to take the unusual step of ordering you to support your client's position.
LW (getting up again): Your Honor... (JC takes her down again) The truth is on everybody's side, my client will ultimately see that. You can't go around suing elected officials every time they do something disgusting, they'd never have the time to do their jobs !
SW: Miss Woo !
PB: Rapers with profane lyrics, talking about killing police officers, raping women, these CDs could be found in your store.
SP: As they can be in Blockbuster, in Tower, in every record store across the nation !
PB: So that should make it OK, everybody's doing, so Senator Watkins should just accept it !
SP: He put me out of business ! Do you get that Senator ? You put me out of business !

Unisex. BT's looking at the mirror. RF enters.

RF: Hey Billy, how's it going ?
BT: Fine, you ?
RF: Been better. You and Ally having sex ?
BT: What ?
RF: Well, you know, she's feeling guilty about something, you're walking around closing doors, put two and two together, sixty-nine. If it's true, you can tell me, my shoulder's nothing if not a cushion.
BT gets out, finding EV behind the door of the unisex. EV gets in.
EV (to RF): Anything ?
RF: No.
EV: I hear Georgia thinks he's doing something with Nelle.
RF: Oh, come on !
EV: Don't let this sub-zero thing fool you, Richard. She's a tramp ! (she starts pushing paper tissues in her bra) Remember, it takes one to know one !
RF: The only thing we know for sure about Nelle, Elaine, is when you talk about her she's behind you. (he leaves - EV turns around and sees NP)
NP: Hi Elaine !
EV: I meant tramp in a good way.
NP: Yes, thank you. (she leaves)
EV take over paper tissue from her bra and fakes using it.

JC's office. JC is walking barefoot. LW's there.

LW: John, it's one thing to block their momentum with distractions...
JC: I spoke to the bailiff. The movie they're watching tonight is "The Music Man".
LW: The movie who's watching ?
JC: The jury. It's perfect !

Church. Minister Mark Newman is giving the speech. AMB and RR in the audience.

MN: Giving praise to the lord can be done in many ways ! (he goes on talking, we barely hear him because of AMB and RR's conversation)
RR: Tell me again why we're here ?
AMB: Cause it's godly here, this may be as close as I get ! Plus it's nice, siting here with strangers, feeling anonymous... I swear, when I'm at the office, everyone looks at me like...
W#1 (in front of them, turning around): Sshh !
RR: Sshh !
MN: It's a good idea, let's talk ! Somebody shout out one of the commandments ! Anybody !
W#2 (just behind AMB): Thou shallt not covet !
MN: Thou shallt not covet thy neighbor's wife ! Let's talk about that ! What's the big deal about coveting somebody else's spouse ? I mean to covet, it's just close to what you're thinking ! Why is that a sin ?
AMB: I don't believe it !
MN: I'm gonna tell you !
Audience: Tell us !
MN: You wanna know why ?
Audience: Yes !
MN: Good Lord, you wanna know why ?
Audience: Yes !
MN: Cause all those other commandments, don't do this, don't do that... It's about how you act. This one says, don't even think it ! Don't even think it ! (audience cheers) Why ?
Audience: Tell us !
MN: Because the Lord thought, if we make it a sin to even think it, maybe men will resist the temptation to do it ! Because the sixth commandment, Thou shallt not commit adultery, that's the worst !
AMB (getting up): Oh, come on, that is not the worst, Thou shallt not kill, that's gotta be worse than coveting somebody else's husband, give me a break ! (audience and MN look at her in awe - she sits back down)
RR: You said you wanted to be anonymous ?
AMB: Shut up !
MN: Maybe we should hear from the choir. Finish our talk after a little reprieve.
RR: Why exactly did you do that ?
AMB: Let's just pay our respects to God, Renee, can we do that please ?
Lisa Knowles is singing with the choir.
LK: I heard about this fellow you've been dancing with / All over the neighborhood / Kissee kissee kissee / Oh yee baby / Now honey do you think you should ? / I guess you thought that nobody knew / Twist it, shake it shake it shake it shake it up baby / (song goes on in the background)
AMB: They are singing about me !
RR: Ally, they don't know !
AMB: They don't know ? She is singing about cheating, Renee, everybody knows !

MN's office in the church. AMB is there with MN, who hands her a mug.

MN: My sermon wasn't about you.
AMB: Well, it felt that way. It just happened to be about adultery, and the song just happened to be about shaking your tail feathers, and... And I know, that according to the polls, adultery isn't a big deal, but...
MN: You didn't commit adultery.
AMB: I didn't ?
MN: No, you just kissed a guy, that's not adultery.
AMB: A kiss with all the emotions of making love...
MN: So what ?
AMB: So what ? Excuse me, I'm no biblical scholar, but I do know that Jesus said that any married men who so much as looks at another woman with lust, he's committed adultery in his heart.
MN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, look, Jesus was maybe a little off the mark there.
AMB: Jesus was off the mark ?
MN: Under that theory, every heterosexual man would be an adulterer. This is the deed, Ally, not the thought. Thou shallt not *commit* adultery, that's what the sixth commandment says. You didn't commit it ! Whatever was in your heart and mind, that's not the same thing as the deed !
AMB: So what was all this stuff about coveting ?
MN: Coveting's a dumb one, I don't understand why it's even there.
AMB: So why did you hammer it in your sermon ?
MN: Because that's the one that was thrown out. You saw how I said it led into adultery, because that is big ! But you didn't commit it with a kiss. And as for telling Georgia, well, that's just selfish. It will serve no purpose other than ease your guilt. If Billy wants to tell her, his business. As for you, you need to go on with your life.
AMB: The problem is, Georgia's in it. She, she's a friend of mine.
MN: Is that the issue ? Georgia's a friend ?
AMB: Yes !
MN: Relax, because she's not really your friend !
AMB: She isn't ?
MN: No, because if she was, you wouldn't have kissed her husband.
AMB (almost crying): Oh...

Court room. Senator Harold Watkins (HW) is examined by PB.

HW: I don't know if she's got the right to sell those books, but I got the right to complain.
PB: But Senator, you did label her a pornographer.
HW: I believe she is. The Supreme Court said about obscenity they know it when they see it. As do I. She sold lute books, naked, nude pictures, people fornicating, rap lyrics calling for violence and rape. I don't call that art. The parents of this community want their children protected. Now maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I will tell you this: I object to people promulgating pure interest and coaching in the name of freedom and democracy ! This country to me isn't against morality ! This nation to me isn't a champion of indecency ! This land to me is a...
JC sets a blow torch on fire. Everybody's shocked.
JC: I apologize, Your Honor, I was adjusting my blow torch. There must be gas in the room.
PB: I object to that, Your Honor, this man is famous for his stunts. That one was dangerous !
SW: I agree ! Bailiff, take away his blow torch. Mister Cage, one more trick like that, I'll hold you in contempt !
JC: Again, I apologize.
JC gives his blow torch to the bailiff, LW smiles.

AMB's office. She's on the phone, listening to Dr. Ruth.

RW: OK, we're back ! We have Jody from Cambridge. You're on, with Dr. Ruth Wessheimer. Jody ?
AMB (after a pause): Oh ! (she's the caller) Umm, hello.
RW: Hello dear. How are you ?
AMB: Fine... (takes an accent) Fine. I was wondering, if you kiss the husband of a friend of yours, do you think you should be honest and tell your friend ?
RW: Well, perhaps you could start by telling her that you are no friend at all. (AMB hangs up) Hello ? Hello ? Rude little thing !
AMB shuts the radio off and goes to her door. When she opens it, BT's just outside.
AMB (shocked): Oh, oh, ouh, damn it ! How long have you been standing there ?
BT: I just got here ! Can I talk to you a second ? (doesn't let her say no) I've spoken with three marriage counselors, and they're all pretty certain than if it's past tense, then I shouldn't tell her.
AMB: And it is past tense, that's a guaranty ! Billy, maybe we're both running around looking for somebody to take us off the hook, and that's not gonna happen ! Nobody will ! Not the shrinks, not the ministers... umm, maybe we're looking for Georgia to do it, and that's not fair !
BT: It's just hard to tell dishonesty is the best policy.
AMB: The kiss was dishonest, we weren't thinking of her then, we should think of her now.
BT: And not tell.

Court room. JC cross-examines HW.

JC: I was told last night the jury saw "The Music Man", have you seen this movie Mister Watkins ?
HW: I saw both the play and the movie ! Excellent family entertainment !
JC: Yes, it was ! You remember "You got trouble", the famous song ? (he turns to the jury) How many of us love that song ? (All members of the jury raise hands)
SW: Mister Cage !
JC: Professor Harold Hill, now he needed a rallying cry, something to scare the parents, so he could be a moral savior; he chose the pool table, remember ?
HW: Yes.
JC: Yeah, it's just an excellent ploy. (he starts singing) Well, ya got trouble, my friend. Right here, I say trouble right here in River City Why, sure, I'm a billiard player Certainly mighty proud to say, I'm always mighty proud to say it...
SW: Mister Cage !
JC: This bookstore was your pool table, wasn't it senator, your opportunity to convince the folks in River City they had big trouble !
HW: This bookstore was trouble !
JC: Oh yes, pushing stuff like Balzac ! They didn't even sell X-rated adult books like those stores in the Red Light District, why not go after them ?
HW: I went after them all !
JC: No sir, Shiley Patterson's was the only store you mentioned by name, in your television spots !
HW: I admit the fact that it was on Beacon Hill and so close to the State House that compounded my outrage !
JC: That's right, two blocks from the Capitol, this store was your pool table !
HW: It was my bain and the community's !
JC: Well thank God we had Senator Watkins to wander our moral rescue !
PB: Objection !
JC (singing again): Now friends, let me tell you what I mean: you got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 pockets on the table...
PB: Objection !
JC: Just like the song, isn't it ? Don't we all just love that song ? You got people all upset against that bookstore, didn't you, sir ?
HW: Deservedly so !
JC: They picketed her place.
HW: Because of the material she covered !
JC: And it's dangerous ?
HW: Yes it is !
JC: Bad for the children ?
HW: No question !
JC: Just like the song... (singing) Libertine men and scarlet women and ragtime, Shameless music that'll grab your son, your daughter into the arms of a jungle animal instinct - massteria!
Judge: Mister Cage !
JC (keep singing): Friends, the idle brain is the devil's playground, trouble !
Jurors (singing): Oh, we got trouble !
JC: Right here in River City !
Jurors: Right here in River City !
JC: With a capital 'T' that rhymes with 'P' that stands for 'pool'
Jurors: That stands for pool !
SW: Mister Cage ! That will be quite enough !
JC: They know the song ! And we all know the dance, don't we Senator ?

Elevator opens at Cage & Fish. LW and JC get out.

LW: Is this the way you try all your cases ?
JC: It's how I'm trying this one. Are you ready ?
LW: I'm ready (JC leaves, NP comes)
NP: How is it going ?
LW: I'm not sure... He's a funny little man, he cross examined with the Music Man.
NP: Excuse me ?
LW: I like it. He's fun. (she goes on, NP stays there struck).

GT's office. BT comes in, GT at her desk.

BT: Hey.
GT: Hey !
BT: Free for lunch ?
GT: Sure.
BT (going to grab GT's coat, then turning around empty handed): I kissed Ally.
GT: What did you just say ?
BT (he speaks very fast): The therapist told me not to tell you cause no good could come of it, so I did not tell you, I've been not telling you for 3 days ! I wake up in the morning and not tell you, I not tell you noon and night, I've not told you a thousand times, and every time I see you I have to not tell you again, and again, and again, and I can't do it anymore ! If I have to not tell you one more time, I will die ! I was lonely, you seem so far away lately, and when I saw Ally with Greg, I suddenly convinced myself that I was in love with her again, and I kissed her, and I've been seeing shrinks ever since, who told me what I already knew, that I was out of my mind, because I love you and I need to tell you that too.
GT (after a long pause, tears in her eyes): You kissed Ally ?
AMB (coming in): Hey ! I found one long campaign manager who said the bookstore was... (she realizes something's wrong


Unisex. AMB going after BT.

AMB: How could you just tell her like that ?
BT: She's my wife, Ally !
AMB: Well you told me you weren't tell it to her.
BT: It just came out, OK ?
AMB (following him in a cubicle): No, I don't mind it coming out, I don't necessarily disagree with you telling her, I just would appreciate knowing, since it does... in... in... in... involve me.
AMB gets out, GT is there and sees BT and AMB in a cubicle together, AMB's eyes pop out of her head.
AMB (to GT): I can't imagine how that must have looked (she leaves)
GT: I think maybe we should split for a while.
BT: I don't want that.
GT: I do (she leaves).

Court room. Closings.

SW: Mister Cage, I'll hear from you.
LW: Your Honor, he's making me do it.
SW: Very well.
LW: It's certainly no secret I think the idea of suing a politician for his opinions is stupid. I was mortified to be put on this case. I mean, of course he should trumpet what he thinks, how else would we know where he stands ? But then, as I listened, I realized this man wasn't voicing his politics, he was exploiting an easy mark ! He took the address on Beacon Hill, dressed this book shop up as something he knew it wasn't, and then launched a battle cry ! And that, that isn't right. Oh, we know politicians do it all the time, find something the public is worried about, and then tap into it. But that's not an excuse to defame somebody ! That doesn't justify putting an innocent person out of business. This store doesn't even have an adult book section. He was citing Chaucer and John Irving as some of the examples of purient material. He destroyed her, and he's not even sorry ! They worked hard to build this store. He called it a smug shop, forced it to close down, and he's not even sorry ! Her life's work, gone ! There's a very old expression in China (she starts speaking Chinese, here's the translation) It doesn't matter what I say here because none of you speak Chinese. But you can see from my sad face... I'm sympathetic. You hear from my tone, it's appropriate to feel sorry for me. As I drop to a faint whisper... you'll feel sadness yourself. I'm going to finish now, pretend to cry. (she goes back to her chair).
PB (getting up): Have we reached the height of political correctness where a person can be held liable for their opinions ? There is a reason why they came in here with a blowtorches, violins, seventy-six trombones and a big parade... Their goal was to distract you from one clear reality: they are suing this man, a state senator, for having the goal to speak what he thinks. And if you even so much has entertained this complaint... then, oh... Oh we really do have trouble. (he sits down).
JC (getting up): If you feel that man really believed my client's bookstore was a house of pornography, fine for him, I would hope you would ! But if you think he singled out Shirley Patterson as his pool table... Politics is an ugly game, you do what you have to survive, and he survived, didn't he ? (pointing to SP) She didn't.

GT's office. She is sitting, daydreaming. Knock on the door.

AMB (coming in and closing the door - after a long pause - GT is not looking at her): There is no excuse for me kissing Billy or Billy kissing me, it's, umm, it's indefensible. But I would like to attempt an explanation.
GT: I don't want one, Ally.
AMB: I love your husband, Georgia, I always have. I certainly got over him, but... when I found out that he met you when he was still with me, it left me feeling... umm, love I thought I had I never had after all, and it made me start to question love, period, whether... I think, when I kissed him the other night, I, I was wanting to believe that the love he had for me was still there, because if it was still there, then it had to have been there in the first place.
GT: It seems it was and is still there.
AMB: I think you're right. He'll probably always love me, just like I'll always love him. Maybe we were meant to love each other, but we weren't meant to be together, Georgia. We got into this big fight, and he said... well probably the worst thing that anybody has ever said to me, he accused me of being terminally unhappy, and... as I thought and... thought, and thought about how he could say such a thing, I realized that he knew ! Ultimately, I would never be happy with him. And it finally hit me, something that he has known for a long time, we're not meant to be. I say all this, not to repair things between you and Billy, because that's between you guys, even though I know how much he loves you, I say this... hoping to repair you and me. I consider you a friend, Georgia. Now I know how that must sound right now, it doesn't even ring well in my ears, but I... I do. Now I'm... I'm actually quite comfortable with people not liking me, I guess I'd have to be. So this isn't about me wanting to be popular right now, it's about me trying to salvage a relationship that is more important to me that even I knew.
GT (in tears): Could you leave now ?
AMB: Yeah. One more thing... I am deeply, deeply sorry. (she leaves


Court corridor. SP getting out of the elevator.

JC: Shirley !
SP: What happened ?
JC: We'll know in a second. Let's go.

Court room. Judge SW is reading the verdict.

LW (getting up): Hurry up !... If it pleases the court... (she sits down)
SW: Mister Foreman, did the jury reach its verdict ?
Foreman: We have Your Honor.
SW: What say you ?
Foreman (clears his throat): In the matter of Shirley Patterson versus Harold Watkins, we find in favor of the defendant (LW groans) I mean the plaintiff ! And order the defendant to pay damages in the amount of 1.2 Million dollars.
SW: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your service. We're adjourned !
LW: I did it ! I did it ! (she grabs SP and hugs her) I'm ready for my questions !
SP (to JC): Thank you !
JC (to PB): It's not my nature to engage in post commentary, but since you're well traveled in legal circles, I'd appreciate you telling all your friends what happened in here. You sneaky arrogant bad faith bastard !

Cage & Fish. LW on television. EV is pouring champagne for RF, JC, NP, and LW.

LW (on TV): I think it's a victory for common decency, really. There's no substitute in life for respect and kindness, and this big dope thought he was exempt because he rounded up enough idiots to vote for him !
LW (turning off the TV): I'm not lit well !
RF (raising his glass): Here is to Ling and the Biscuit ! We are on a roll !
LW: I told you I'd win. Didn't I tell you ?
NP: Yes. You did, Ling.

AMB in her office. BT comes in.

BT: Hey.
AMB: Hey.
BT (he sits down): Thanks for talking to her.
AMB: I was only being selfish.
BT: I know. Which I think meant something.
AMB: Did you talk to her ?
BT: I tried. I don't know where she is.
AMB: When she said she wanted to split, what went through you ?
BT: My life sort of... flashed.
AMB: Make sure you tell her that.
BT: Yeah. (he gets up) You're OK ?
AMB: Fine. (BT leaves).
Song "I love you so" performed by Vonda Shepard. AMB turns off the light and gets up and leaves also. Images of BT in the street, GT at a bar drinking a martini, AMB walking in the street, BT again, seeing Georgia through a window, AMB walking, starting to play a street card game, winning, BT entering the bar where Georgia is, coming close to her, GT not happy to see him, BT takes her hand, AMB loses now, RR sees her and takes her away from the game.

Ending credits.

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